Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.2.)

Data 15.2. 

From the History of the County of Lancashire published for the University of London Institute of Historical Research 1966
reprinted from the original edition 1911 Vol 6, page 306
Thomas Southworth, heir to his grandfather married Ann, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Tyldesley of Orford, kt and died in 1623.
John his eldest son died without issue in 1635 and Thomas his younger son in 1641 unmarried.
Extracted from the unpublished book : A History of the Southworths of Samlesbury 1300-1890 by John Southworth and Anne Dudgeon
on the public access shelves at The Lancashire Records Office
    Thomas Southworth younger son of Thomas and Anne (nee Tyldesley) born 1623 unmarried died Apr 1st, 1640. His Inq pm 1642 held at Ormskirk on Sep 27, 1642
    before Robert Mawdesley, Escheator after the death of Thomas Southworth. This Inq pm gives a surprising amount of information regarding the deaths of individuals.
    Thomas died Apr 1st, 1640
    John his brother died Jan 12, 1635 Note: this date is slightly different from Inq pm as Dec 7, 1635
    Thomas his father died Feb 27, 1622/3
    Thomas his great grandfather died Nov 30, 1616
    Sir John his great grandfather died Nov 3, 1595
From the Duchy of Lanc Inquest and p.m.xxxviii, 12 John died Dec 7, 1635, Thomas his brother being twelve years old. Ann, widow
of Thomas the father was then the wife of Adam Mort, gent living at Preston.
A marriage at Preston abt 1620 (IGI)
    Adam Mort and Elizabeth Bushell
From the information above then Adam Mort married Ann Southworth nee Tildesley before Dec 7, 1635
Vital Records Index has the following marriage information
    Adam Mort and Ann Southworth married Aug 14, 1628 at St Michael le Belfrey, York
According to the Visitation of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale the Pedigree of Mort of Preston submitted by Seth Mort at Preston on 20 Sep 1664
Seth Mort of Preston was age 40 on 20 Sep 1664 and he was married to Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Massey of Puddington, co Cest knt. They had
children Thomas aged 12 in 1664, Adam, Charlet, Elizabeth, Anne and Catherine
Seths sister Jennet was the wife of Henry Marsden of Gisburne co Ebor
Seth was the son of Adam Mort of Preston slain in defence of the borough of Preston in 1642, he then being the mayor of Preston, and Elizabeth
dau of Seth Bushell of Preston first wife.
Adam Mort of Preston also married Elizabeth, dau of Sir Thomas Tildesley, knt one of the kings councell at York, and widow of Thomas Southworth
of Samsbury. They had children Richard, Henry, Edward, William, Adam, and Anne
The father of Adam Mort of Preston was Adam Mort of Tildesley died circa 1634
Note: it is likely from other evidence that Seth Mort mistakenly stated that Adam Mort married Elizabeth Tildesley when she was Anne Tildesley.
Misc records to parents Adam Mort and Anne Tildesley (IGI) presumably births or christenings at Preston
    Richard abt 1625
    Henry abt 1629
    Edward abt 1631
    William abt 1633
    Adam abt 1635
    Anne abt 1637
Birth records to parents Adam Mort and Elizabth Tildesley (IGI) at Preston
    Richard abt 1628
    Henry abt 1629
    Edward abt 1631
    William abt 1633
    Adam abt 1635
    Anne abt 1637
    Seth christened May 29, 1623
A baptism to parent Adam Mort (IGI) at St Johns, Preston
    Seth christened May 29, 1623 Note: see Seth Mort and Elizabeth Massey
    Jennet christened Nov 13, 1625
    William christened Jul 21, 1633
    Adam christened Sep 21, 1634
A marriage at St John, Preston (IGI) Feb 16, 1621
    Adamus Mort and Elizabeth Bushell
Birth/christening records to parents Adam Mort and Elizabeth Bushell (IGI)
    Jennet christened Nov 13, 1621 Preston
    Seth christened May 29, 1623 Preston
    Seth born 1624 Leyland
    Seth born abt 1624 Preston
    Jennet born abt 1625 Preston
    Jennet born 1626 Leyland    
    Seth born 1624 Leyland    
    Jennst 1626 Leyland    
Birth records to parents Adam and Elizabeth Bushell (IGI)
    Seth born abt 1624
    Jennet born abt 1625
Birth records to parents Adam and Ann Tildesley Southworth (IGI)
    Richard born abt 1625
    Henry born abt 1627
Birth records to parents Adam and Elizabeth Tildesley (IGI)
    Richard born abt 1628 Note: see the Will of Richard Mort
    Henry born abt 1629
    Edward born abt 1631 Note: see Edward Mort and Catherine
    William born abt 1633
    Adam born abt 1635
    Anne born abt 1637
Note: as usual the IGI makes the correct information difficult to ascertain. The Palatine Notebook made an attempt to produce a family tree
of these early Morts states that Adam Mort of Preston, 3rd son of Adam Mort of Bolton married firstly Elizabeth daughter of Seth Bushel of Preston before 1608.
This is also incorrect. The correct information can be found in the Pedigree of the Bushell family of Preston which states that Elizabeth Bushell was married
to Adam Mort Feb 16, 1621/2 and she was buried June 14, 1626
Seth Bushells Will made Apr 29, 1623 leaves one part to his wife Elizabeth, one part to his daughter Elizabeth Morte, and one part to himself to be distributed as
amongst others to his daughter failing issue. 
Executors his son in law Adam Morte and Thomas Morte
Note:this would indicate that Adam Mort and his wife Elizabeth had no children at the time of writing the will in 1623.
Details later show that their children Seth and Jennet Mort where born in 1623 and 1625
Preston Parish Church Records
    Adamus Morte and Elizabeth Bushell of Preston married Feb 16, 1621/22
    Seth son of Adam Morte christening May 29, 1622
    Jennet daughter of Adam Morte christening Nov 13, 1625
    Elizabeth wife of Adam Morte burial Jun 14, 1626
    Adam Mort, Mayor of Preston burial Feb 10, 1642/43
Extracts taken from "Preston Court Leet Records" by Anthony Hewitson
page 5 (1653)
    Wee find and p'sent Seth Morte of this Towne made an assault and affray and drew blood upon the bodie of William Brewer: and therefore amerce him in vs
    Wee doe find and pri'te the said Seth Mort made a Tusle and did abu(se) Richard Morte his brother, doe therefore amerce him in ijs vid
Notes added to this page 
    Seth Morte was the eldest son of Adam Morte, who was a person of high standing in Preston, and for a long time connected with the Council. Adam-
    evidently the Adamus Morte, Junior named in the Guild Roll for 1622- was elected Mayor of Preston for the Guild year 1642, but he declined to accept
    the honour and was fined 100 marks for his contumacy. He was a strong Royalist. Early in 1643 whilst helping in the defence of Preston against the 
    Parliamentary soldiers, he was killed. The Guild Roll for 1662 contains the name "Morte, Seth, gen" also the names of his sons Thomas and Adam.
page 6
    We doe find p'nte the said Richard Morte made Tustle and did abuse the said Seth, do therefore amerce him in ijs v(id)
page 7
    Wee find and p'nte Seth Morte shall erect and build upp a barne, in St Johns weend, where formerly his barne stood, upon the Townes Land, before the
    29th of September next, in paine of xls
page 19
    Mr Seth Morte shall open his watercourse, and lay upp his platt, and scowre his ditch as farre as the Ashe att the crooked Acre before the 25th of this 
    instant Aprill on paine of vjs viijd
page 24
    In severall presentments heretoforemade by divers abd sundrie Jureys all the owners of Cellars within this Towne shall gett stoopes and rayles or hang
    yates before their cellars, the want whereof is very dangerous. Mr Seth Morte shall gett stoopes and Rayles before the 25th of this instant Aprill, in paine
    of makeinge default vjs viijd
pages 29/30/31
    Whereas Seth Morte of Preston, gent did upon the second day of November 1653 before the now Maior of this Towne, enter into a recognizance of the
    penalties of xxli, upon condicion that hee the said Seth Morte should appeare att the next Leete Corte to be holden for this Burrough. But also hee the 
    said Seth Morte did upon the 22th of the said month of November, after his entringe into the Recognizance aforesaid, and before this Leete, make an
    Affray and Tusle within this Towne upon the bodie of Richard Morte. Edward Morte and his sureties have forfeited and broken theire recognizance £20
    each not only for that the said Edward Morte being publiquely and duelie called aft this preent Leete. But also hee the said Edward Morte did upon the 
    30th of January, after his entringe into the recognize aforesaid (to keep the peace) and before this Leete, make an Assault and Affray upon the bodie of
    Alexander Breres in Eaves Lane, near Chorley.
The will of Richard Mort
Richard Mort of Christ Church City of London Jul 26, 1659
Memorandum That on or about the eleventh day of December in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty six
Richard Mort late whilst he lived of the Parish of Christ Church London but being bound out to sea in the good Ship the Virgin for
the East Indies being in very good and perfect health That the boy ago would be long and he thereof made and declare his last will and
testament by word of mouth in manner and form following or in provide to the like effect vizt. Landlord and Landlady meaning
Robert Aprefrott? And Ellen Aprefrott? his wife I am now going to Sea and know not whether it pleaseth God that I shall ever return  
into England again and therefore I define you to take notice of what I declare unto you. That is to say all my estate goods chattells
rights and credits of what nature or quality so be they be. I do give devise and bequeath unto my dear and welbeloved brother Edward
Mort whom I do constitute ordain and appoint the sole Executor of this my last will and Testament all where words or ye like in effect 
he declared whilst he was in perfect health and of very sound and perfect mind and memorie with a serious intent to dispose of his
estate and that these vowd words should remaine and be as and for his last will and Testament. In the hearing of me witnessed
Co witt The mark of Robert Aprefrott the mark of Ellen Aprefrott.
This will Nuncupative was proved at London the six and twentieth day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and
fifty nine before the Judges for probate of will and granting Administrations by the oath and in the name of Edward Mort the brother and sole
Executor named in the said will to who was comitted Administration
Note: from the information above it would appear that Richard Mort died at Sea sometime between Dec 1656 and Jul 26, 1659
From the Will of Edward Mort Grocer of Saint Botolph without Bishopsgate City of London Oct 19, 1685
I Edward Mort Citizen and Grocer of the parish of St Buttolph without bishopsgate London being of sound and perfect memory
yet not knowing how long my pilgramage may continue here on earth do therefore appoint this my last will and testament in
manner and form following. First as to my personnall effects my debts being first paid out halfe I give unto my loving wife
Catherine and the other halfe I give to my two children Richard and Anne equally to be divided betwixt them. Also that legacie
my mother left out of the Lady Meddow now in the possession of Thomas Mourcroft I give our halfe to my wife and daughter
the other halfe to my son Richard as to that which my father purchased in trust for the children of Thomas Southworth of 
Samsbury in the County of Lancaster being part of Mellor the writings of which I left at my brother Henry Marsden Esqs
chamber in Grays Inn about thirty years since when I came to ask for them but told me they were at his house at Gisburne
Hall in Yorkshire and promised several times to send them but failed which otherwise might have been borrowed long since
I shall leave the disposing of it to the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. And as for all such effects might be the 
interest claim or demand which I ever had now have or that my heirs or assigns ought to have for in and to all that Capital
Messuage called Ordeford now Tildesly Hall with all Lands Rents Tenements and Hereditaments belonging and in all or any
messuage lands tenemts or hereditaments called Lazz-hagg? With the rents thereto belonging or of in or to any other 
messuage lands rents tenements or hereditaments situate lying and being in the county of Lancaster at any time hereto
fore in the tenure holding possession or on of Sir Thomas Tildesley my deceased Grandfather and in the right of Anne Tildesley
his Lady and my deceased Grandmother. My will and mind is that my wife haveher thirds out of it and my two children Richard
and Anne and equall proportion of the other two parts but to Anne during her life only. Lastly I do hereby make bould to 
constitute ordain and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends John Smith Esq at the hand in hand in Cheapside and ?
Thomas Sixman Mercer at the three kings in three kings court in Innbardsfort? and ? Henry Lodworth? in Loggden Court?
and Major Robert Doughty and my wife Catherine my only Executors to oath of whom I give fifty pounds out of my personnall 
estate to be paid within two years after the recovery thereof the ? of the suite being deducted. In witness thereof I have hereunto
set my hands and seal the twenty second of April one thousand six hundred eighty five in the first year of the rayne of our most
Sovereigne Lord James the Second. E Mort sealed signed and delivered in the presence of Will Jackson John Ward Anne Moody
Note: This Edward Mort must be the son of Adam Mort of Preston as he mentions Thomas Southworths children .
Thomas Southworth was also the first husband to Adam Morts wife Ann Tildesley. 
The will of Edward also clears up the mystery as to the name of the wife of Sir Thomas Tildesley as Anne
There is also the mention of Orford (Ordeford)
There is also the mention of Henry Marsden of Gisburne. He was the husband to Edwards half sister Jennet.