Thomas Mort born about 1643 Tyldesley  (1.2)

Data 1.2. 

A marriage at Leigh (IGI) on Jun 8, 1699
    John Guest and Ann Mort
Marriage Records of Leigh Parish Church published by the LPRS 1625-1700
    John Guest of Astley and Ann Mort of Bedford married Jun 8, 1699
Baptism Records to parent John Guest (IGI)
    Richard christened Dec 6, 1699
    Ann christened Sep 2, 1702
Note: there appears to be some conflicting information above, but the answer may be that Lunn made an assumption that Ann was an Aunt, but I cannot find this in the actual will.
    There is also a lack of a marriage between James Mort and Ann Rogerson in the IGI and James Mort had children after the marriage of Ann Mort and John Guest.
    By the structure of the will it could be that all the grandchildren of John Rogerson are the children of his daughter Ann by two different fathers.
Baptism Records to parent James Mort (IGI) Leigh
    James christened Dec 28, 1704
Baptism Records to parent James Mort (IGI) Leigh
    Jno christened Sep 1, 1730
Baptism Records to parent James Mort of Bedford (IGI) at Leigh
    John christened Sep 1, 1730 Note: see John Mort and Ann Gillybrand
Baptism Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Jn son of James Mort of Bedford christened Sep 1, 1730 at Leigh Parish Church
A mariage at Leigh on Sep 9, 1750 (IGI)
    John Mort and Ann Gillybrand
The actual entry, possibly BT's, on Film L6 at Leigh Library
    Sep 9, 1750 John Mort and Ann Gillybrand, both of this parish, married by licence
Baptism Records at Astley, Leigh to parent John Mort (IGI)
    Mary christened Oct 23, 1751
    James christened Aug 1, 1754 Note: see James Mort and Ann
    Mary christened Aug 24, 1756
    Arnold christened Jan 30, 1759
Bishops Transcripts at Astley Chapel (Lancashire Records Office)
    Arnold Mort christened Jan 30, 1759 son of John Mort of Astley
A marriage at Leigh Jan 13, 1780 (IGI)
    Arnhold Mort and Sarah Wood
Baptism Records to parents Arnold Mort and Sarah at Astley (IGI)
    John christened Aug 19, 1780
    Ralph christened Feb 12, 1782
    Ann christened Jan 10, 1784
    Mary christened Sep 10, 1786
    Arnold christened Aug 16, 1788
    Sarah christened Apr 27, 1793
Burial records at Astley Chapel from the Registers at Manchester Central Library MFPR 1030
    Arnold son of Arnold Mort and Sarah of Astley buried Mar 4, 1789
    Sarah daughter of Arnold Mort of Tyldesley buried Mar 9, 1799
Grave Registers at Tyldesley Wesleyan Chapel
Reproduced in a book at Leigh Library "copied by me in June 1909 from the Old Burial Registers in the possesion
of the Tyldesley Trustees" signed John Gerrard and dated Jun 25, 1909
    page 7, Arnold Mort No 339 (presumably the Grave Owner)
    John Mort Jun 3, 1818 age 37 years
    Arnold Mort Jun 16, 1833 age 74 years
    Sarah Mort Jun 13, 1836 age 84 years
    Mary Mort Oct 23, 1839 age 53 years Note: died a spinster
    Fanny Arkwright interred Apr 15, 1860 age 60 years
A note at the base of these entries says the grave is full
A marriage at Leigh on Dec 8, 1811 (IGI)
    Ralph Mort and Nancy Wallwork (or Williams)
Baptism records to parents Ralph Mort and Nancy at Leigh (IGI)
    John christened Jun 25, 1814
A marriage at St Georges, Tyldesley on Nov 5, 1832
    John Mort, Bachelor and Phoebe Baxter, Spinster both of this parish, by banns
    In the presence of James Baxter
A marriage at Leigh on Jul 6, 1809
    William Baxter and Margaret Lawe
Baptism Records to parents William Baxter and Margaret (IGI) at Leigh
    Phebe christened Jul 21, 1810 (child)
    Pheobe christened Oct 1815
   James christened May 18, 1816
Bishops Transcripts of Christeneings at Leigh Parish Church
    Phebe dau of William and Margaret Baxter, Bedford, Weaver baptised Oct 14, 1815
Baptism Records to parents John Mort and Phebe (Pheby) at Leigh (IGI)
    Thomas christened Sept 23, 1833 residing Atherton, father Yeoman
    Arnold, christened Sep 6, 1835
Grave Registers at Tyldesley Wesleyan Chapel
Reproduced in a book at Leigh Library "copied by me in June 1909 from the Old Burial Registers in the possesion
of the Tyldesley Trustees" signed John Gerrard and dated Jun 25, 1909
    page 46, Ralph Mort No 312 (presumably the Gave Owner)
    John Mort Nov 27, 1835 age 21 years
    Nancy Mort Apr 10, 1850 age 73 years
    Ralph Mort Nov 28, 1855 age 73 years
1841 Census for Tyldesley Source: Leigh Library
Back Alfred St Ralph Mort Head   55 Gater of Cotton Of this County
  Nancy  "     60 Piecer (Cotton Spinner)        "
 note: is this Pheby? Fabey  "     25          "
  Thomas  "     8          "
  Harriet   "     6          "
  John     "     ? months          "
  Moira? Morris?     20 Cotton Picker        "
Note: Harriet aged 6 must be an incorrect transcription as this must be Arnold
1851 Census for Atherton Source: Leigh Library
Bridge St Ralph Mort Head Widow 69 Cotton Twister Astley
A marriage at Presbyterian Chapel, Atherton on Feb 4, 1860 from the Marriage Certificate
    Thomas Mort, age 26, Bachelor, Operative Cotton Spinner residing Mason Lane, Atherton father John Mort deceased Cotton Carder
    Martha Alldred, age 22, Spinster residing Atherton, father Thomas Alldred, Silk Weaver
    In the presence of Edward Melling and Mary Alldred