John Mort born abt 1790 Bolton (2.2.)

Data 2.2. 

1861 Census for Farnworth Source: RG9/2807 page 18
Lower Dixon Green John Kirkham Head Mar 23 Cotton Carder Bolton
  Sarah      " Wife Mar 22   Bolton
  Emma     " dau   1   Farnworth
GRO Index Emma Kirkham Birth Sep qtr 1859 Bolton 8c 201
1871 Census for Great Bolton Source: RG10/3939 page 22
205 Derby St William Flitcroft Head Mar 41 Brick Layer Bolton
  Sarah      " Wife Mar 45   Bolton
  John Kirkham Boarder Mar 33 Cotton Mill Manager Bolton
1881 Census for Great Bolton Source: RG11/3841
109 High St John Kirkham Head Mar 43 Cotton Mill Manager Bolton
  Mary E     " Wife Mar 23   Bolton
  Sarah       " dau   2   Bolton
  George F    " son   10 month   Bolton
GRO Index John Kirkham and Mary Ellen married Mar qtr 1878 Bolton 8c 473
1891 Census for Bolton Source: RG12/3120 folio 146 page 55
1021 High St John Kirkham Head Mar 53 Cotton Mill Manager Bolton
  Mary E     " Wife Mar 33   Bolton
  Sarah       " dau   12 School Bolton
  George F   " son   10 School Bolton
  John A      " son   6 School Bolton
  James      " son   1   Bolton
1901 Census for Walton le dale Source: RG13/3956 page 24
Preston Junction John Kirkham Head Mar 61 Retired Cotton Spinning Mill Manager Bolton-le-Moors  
  Mary Ellen     " Wife Mar 43   Bolton-le-Moors  
  Sarah       " dau s 22 Elementary School Teacher Bolton-le-Moors worker
  George Frederick   " son s 20 Electric Motor Bolton-le-Moors  
  John Arthur      " son   16 Elementary Pupil Bolton-le-Moors worker
  James      " son   11   Bolton-le-Moors  
From the Birth Certificate of James Kirkham
Bolton in the sub district Western Bolton
    Born Feb 28, 1840 at 3 Noble St James son of John Kirkham and Mary Kirkham formerley Mort
    Father Carter informant Mary Kirkham mother made her mark residing 3 Noble St, Great Bolton
From the Marriage Certificate
Marriage at Mawdsley St Chapel, Great Bolton on Jan 25, 1862
    James Kirkham age 21, Bachelor and Carder residing Clammerclough Kersley, father John Kirkham, Carter
    Mary Ann Rothwell, age 19, Spinster and Frame Tenter residing Back Kinto? St, father John Rothwell, Engineer
    He signed, she made her mark in the presence of John Kirkham and Susannah Parkinson
From the Birth Certificate of William Kirkham
Registration District Bolton sub district Sharples
    Born July 28, 1868 at Skull? Fold, Sharples William son of James Kirkham and Mary Ann Kirkham formerly 
    Rothwell father Overlooker of Skull? Fold, Sharples
1871 Census for Sharples Source: RG10 3931 folio 56 page 40/41
91 Blackburn Rd James Kirkham Head Mar 31 Cotton Carder Bolton
  Mary Ann       " Wife Mar 29   Bolton
  Mary E      " dau   8 Scholar Farnworth
  John         " son   6 Scholar Farnworth
  George    " son   4 Scholar Farnworth
  William     " son   2   Sharples
GRO Index Mary Ellen Kirkham Birth Sep 1862 Bolton 8c 215
1881 Census for Great Bolton Source: RG11 3840/106 page 2
38 & 40 Foundry St James Kirkham Head Mar 41 Cotton Carder Bolton
  Mary A       " Wife Mar 39   Bolton
  Mary E      " dau unm 18 Frame Tenter Cotton Clamerclough Kersley
  John         " son   16 Cotton Grinder Clamerclough Kersley
  George    " son   14 Cotton Card Tenter Clamerclough Kersley
  William     " son   12 Scholar Ashley Bridge
  James      " son   9 Scholar Ashley Bridge
  Anne       " dau   3   Bolton
  Walter     " son   3 month   Bolton
GRO Index Marriage James Smirk and Mary Ellen Kirkham, Sep 1885 Bolton 8e 755
1891 Census for Little Bolton Source: RG12/3117 folio 131
22 Church St James Kirkham Head Mar 51 No occupation living on own means Bolton
  Mary A       " Wife Mar 49   Bolton
  James Smirk Son in law Mar 28 Joiner Preston
  Mary E Smirk dau Mar 28   Farnworth
  James Smirk g son   4 Scholar Preston
  William Kirkham son s 22 Under Carder cotton mill Astley Bridge
  James      " son s 19   Astley Bridge
  Walter     " son   10 Scholar Bolton
  Herbert    " son   8 Scholar Bolton
  Annie       " dau   13 Scholar Bolton
1901 Census Bolton part of Source: RG13/3607 folio 102 page 14/15
92 Eskrick St James Kirkham Head Mar 61 Living on own means Bolton  
  Mary A       " Wife Mar 59   Bolton  
  Walter        " son s 20 Shoemaker Bolton worker
  Herbert    " son s 18 Pawn Brokers Assistant Preston  
From the Cover sheet of the Will of James Kirkham
    Be it known that James Kirkham of 206 Eskrick St, Bolton formerly 92 Eskrick St, Bolton who died 4th Sep, 1915 at 206 Eskrick St.
Monumental Inscriptions at Egerton Congregational Church, Bolton
In Loving Memory of
our dear parents
James Kirkham
who died Sep 4th 1915
aged 75 years
and Mary A his wife
who died June 25th 1919
aged 77 years
also Mary Ellen Smirk
daughter of the above
who died Mar 4th 1927
aged 65 years
From the Marriage Certificate
Marriage on Sep 7, 1892 at St Marks, Preston
    William Kirkham age 24, Batchelor and Carder residing 152 Derby St, Bolton fatherJames Kirkham, Milliner
    Mary Alice Wright age 21, Spinster residing 12 Dunderdales? Father George Wright, Spinner
1901 Census for Bolton Source: RG13/3631 folio 61 page 9
36 Woodfield St William Kirkham Head Mar 32 Insurance agent Bolton worker
  Mary A       " Wife Mar 29   Preston  
  Lilian        " dau   7   Farnworth  
  Minnie      " dau   4   Walton le Dale  
  Alice         " dau   1   Bolton  
  George Wright F in law Widr 64   Preston  
From the Death Certificate of William Kirkham
Registration District Fylde in the sub district of Fleetwood 1950
    Died Nov 25, 1950 at Beechwood Nursing Home, Thornton
    William Kirkham age 82 of 11 Valeway Ave, Blackpool Retired Draper, informant William Kirkham son of 28 Burlington St, Bolton
From the Birth Certificate of Mary Ann Kirkham
Registered Bolton sub district Western Bolton
    Born Dec 6, 1844 at 4 Noble St
    Mary Ann dau of John Kirkham and Mary Kirkham formerly Mort, father Carter
    Informant The mark of Mary Kirkham mother
GRO Index Marriage William Brooks and Mary Ann Kirkham Bolton Sept 1870 8c 348
1881 Census Kearsley Source: RG11/3817 page 26
71 Clammerclough Rd William Brooks Head Mar 33 Chemical Maker Kearsly
  Mary Ann     " Wife   36   Bolton
  Margaret      " dau   8 Scholar Kearsly
  George        " son   6 Scholar Kearsly
  Susannah    " dau   3   Kearsly
1891 Census Kearsley Source: RG12/3097 folio 20
20 Albert St William Brooks Head Mar 44 Vitriol Maker Little Lever
  Mary Ann     " Wife   46   Bolton
  Margaret      " dau s 18 Cotton Frame Tenter Kearsly
  George        " son s 16 Cotton Stripper and Grinder Kearsly
  Sushannah    " dau   13 Cotton Operative Reeler Kearsly
  John                " son   9 Scholar Kearsly
  Sarah        " dau   8 Scholar Kearsly
  James     " son   5 Scholar Kearsly
1901 Census Kearsley Source: RG13/3602 folio 25 page 41
7 Albert St William Brooks Head Mar 53 Labourer Chemical works Little Lever
  Mary Ann     " Wife   56   Bolton
  Susannah    " dau s 23 Reeler Cotton Mill Kearsly
  John                " son s 19 Warehouseman Kearsly
  Sarah        " dau s 18 Weaver Kearsly
  James     " son s 15 Clothiers Assistant Kearsly