Henry Mort born abt 1784 Hindley (3.8.)

Data 3.8. 

The registers of Risley Presbyterian Chapel state:
    James Mort and Mary Sankey married at Winwick 1831
From the Vital Records Index FHL Film 1469064 1823-1834
    James Mort and Mary Sankey married at Winwick Nov 22, 1831
From the MORT American Website
    Elizabeth Mort was born Jul 14, 1831 at Croft, parents James Mort and Mary Sankey. She died 1900
    Joseph Mort, son of James Mort and Mary Sankey died 1912 Lowton
    Mary Mort born Feb 25, 1835 at Croft to parents James Mort and Mary Sankey and died after 1890
Baptism Records to parents James Mort and Mary (IGI) at Bethesda Independent, Leigh
    Joseph christened Jun 2, 1833
    Mary christened May 17, 1835
The Baptism registers of Risley Presbyterian Chapel for parents James Mort and Mary Sankey, father Weaver
    Ann (born Mar 9, 1839) christened May 12, 1839
Burial Registers at Risley Presbyterian Chapel
    Ann Mort buried Oct 4, 1839 age 6 1/2 months
1841 Census for Culcheth Source: Lancashire Records Office, Preston
Croft Lane Henry Mort     55 Cotton Weaver of this county
  John     "     20 Silk Weaver      "
  Mary    "     15        "
  Margaret     "     14        "
  James    "     30 Salt Cake Maker      "
  Joseph    "     7        "
1851 Census for Culcheth Source: Wigan History Shop
Croft Lane James Mort Head Mar 43 Hand Loom Silk Weaver Hindley
  Hannah     " Wife Mar 35     "       "        "        " Lowton
  Ellen        " Dau   14     "       "        "        " Culcheth
  James      " Son   3       "
  Thomas    " Son   9 month        "
1861 Census for Culcheth Source: RG9/2801 folio 138
Croft Lane James Mort Head Mar 53 Silk Weaver Hindley
  Hannah     " Wife Mar 43   "       " Lowton
  James     " Son   13   "       " Culcheth
  Thomas   " Son   10 Scholar      "
  Margaret   " Dau   9    "     "
  Henry    " Son   7 Scholar      "
From the MORT American Website  
    James son of James Mort and Hannah married Margaret Hindley  Feb 22, 1869  
    Thomas son of James Mort and Hannah born Jun 3, 1850 Culcheth  
    Margaret dau of James Mort and Hannah born Jan 15, 1852 and died Kansas City< MO in 1918. She married Alfred Mort Nov 13, 1883 in Pawnee, NE  
Burial Records at Risley Presbyterian Chapel
    Mary Mort, buried Dec 19, 1840 age 31 Note: Mary Sankey
    Ellen Mort, Weaver, buried Apr 7, 1855 age 18
    James Mort, Weaver, buried Sep 8, 1863 age 55
    Hannah Mort, Weavers wife, buried May 19, 1867 age 51 Note: Hannah Hill
    James Mort, buried Dec 31, 1870 age 23
The Birth Certificate of Henry Mort, born Dec 14, 1853
    Henry son of James Mort and Hannah, formerly Hill, residing at The Eaves, Croft, father Weaver
Burial Records at Risley Presbyterian Chapel
    Noah Mort, age 5 weeks buried Nov 7, 1854
No other details are recorded, but baby Noah could have been the child of either James and Hannah, or their daughter Ellen
An entry at St. Bartholemews, Westhoughton for a marriage on Jun 9, 1873 states:
    Henry Mort, age 19, bachelor, Railway Servant, residing in Westhoughton, father James Mort, deceased Silk Weaver
    Sarah Ellen Schofield, age 22, Spinster residing in Westhoughton, father William Schofield, deceased brewer
    In the presence of James Roylance and Rachel Bradshaw
Note: at the time of this marriage both of Henry Mort's parents had died.
1881 Census for Warrington Source: FHL Film 1341908     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3797    Folio 37    Page 14
7 Gandy St Henry Mort Head Mar 27 Brewers Labourer Culcheth
  Ann       " Wife Mar 31   Houghton Green
From the Death Certificate
    Annie Mort, wife of Henry Mort, a Brewers Labourer, age 44 died Nov 17, 1890 at Wilderspool, Appleton
The life of Henry Mort is very interesting, and worth more than just a passing mention.
    It would appear that he married my grandfathers mother Sarah Ellen Schofield in 1873.
    She had two children shortly after the marriage, but their christian names where Schofield and not Mort as expected.
    When Sarah Ellen died she was still the widow of Henry Mort according to her death certificate.
    By 1881 Henry was living with an Annie in Warrington, and the Census Returns state she was his wife.
    Annie died and her death certificate states she was the wife of Henry Mort, and as such was buried as Annie Mort
    The American Web site states that he married Caroline Hahn 12 Dec 1894 somewhere in America, and that he died 26 May 1925 in Kansas City
    As yet, I have been unable to trace the marriage to Annie or Caroline, or indeed the divorce from Sarah Ellen.
    The Birth Certicates of Sarah Ellens children did not mention the name of the father.
    Sarah Ellens mother was also a Mort, she was Elizabeth Mort who married William Schofield, and the daughter of Thomas Mort and Ellen, also from Culcheth.
From the MORT American Website
    The children of Henry Mort and Caroline Hahn 
      James Henry Mort b. 6 Sep 1895 Kansas City MO, married Frances McLaughlin
      Leo McKinley Mort b. 15 Mar 1897 married Rose Caswell
      Robert Arthur Mort b.1904, d. 1958 and married Estelle
      May Mort b. 17 Mar 1899 Kansas City MO, married Russell L Handy 14 Jul 1923
    The children of Russell L Handy and May Mort
      Russell Lowell Handy b. 12 Mar 1925 Kansas City MO married MarjorieStubbs 19 Jul 1946. She was b. 30 Jun 1924
      Gloria Handy b. 25 May 1927 Kansas City MO married Daniel Sullivan in 1949
    The children of Russell Lowell Handy and Marjorie Stubbs
      Janet Lynne Handy b. 22 Mar 1947
      Russell Lowell Handy b. 2 Jun 1949 married Nancy Foster in 1966. They had a son Christopher Russell Handy b. 1968
      Renee Patricia Handy b. 16 Mar 1951 married Stephen Westermann 1 Sep 1973. They had a son John Westermann b. 2 Jun 1978
                                                Renee married secondly Richard Gepford on 1 Sep 1990 and they had Molly Emily Gepford b. 3 Sep 1989 and Kaitlin Renee Gepford b. 28 Oct 1990
      Alyson Kay Handy b. 23 Nov 1952 married Joseph Meager 4 Sep 1979. They had Erinn Kathleen Meager b. 20 Jan 1981, Mathew Meager b. and d. 1983, and Katherine Rose Meager b. 6 Apr 1984
    The children of Daniel Sullivan and Gloria Handy
      Daniel Sullivan b. 9 Jan 1954 married Janice and they had children Jessica Sullivan b. 7 Jan 1983 and Daniel James Su;llivan b. 9 Nov 1984. He married secondly Valerie who was b. 3 Apr 1957