Problems after root canal treatments. A root canal treatment involves risks and mortal danger. Plenty of complications: heart attack, arthritis, cancer and stroke. American doctors tell us that due to a improperly carried out root canal treatment you can suffer from an endless number of ailments and complications. Is a root canal treatment risky and dangerous? Yes! It may be fatal! 

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If you have a root canal treatment (endodontic) or your dentist has advised you that you need one… this article is for you. This treatment, if they did it badly, will bring you problems,  chronic fatigue and cancer. It will affect your heart, brain, kidneys and joints. A root canal treatment can damage your health, and debilitate your immune system. In addition, and this is important, antibiotics cannot eliminate this infection.

This infection (chronic osteomyelitis) as mentioned in the first paragraph, generally affects the heart and circulatory system, brain and nervous system, kidneys, joints (arthritis or artrosis) and main organs. In other words a root canal treatment can slowly kill you in a
 surreptitious way.

This is my history. My nightmare began like this.

I am Bernardo Rojas Velarde. In the course of my life, I have had 4 root canal treatments, and never ever had any problem. So great was the confidence in this “wise” procedure that if they had asked my opinion 4 years ago on a root canal treatment, my advice would have been “do it”, go for it " or something similar.

As chance would have it I was in Holland (believe it or not, a first world country) and needed a root canal treatment. I asked the company on which I depended (Shell Petroleum), 
 the best endodontist (dentist specializing in root canal treatments). They referred me to Paul Wesselink, a true s.o.b (son of a b.....)

I went to my appointment with total tranquility for my fifth root canal treatment. The Dutch dentist took care of me and in the middle of the treatment I heard him shout to his assistant NEI, NEI, NEI, which means no, no! Obviously something had gone wrong.  HE HAD MADE A MISTAKE. Fifteen days later after that root canal treatment
I felt like shit.

I got a strong headache , all my joints hurt, and my kidneys, heart,  etc. etc.

All this occurred almost 4 years ago and now I feel that I'm just worse and worse. I have sharp pains in my back and chest (cancer); the doctors detected arthrosis in my joints, my brain burns (the doctors detected cerebral atrophy… something is eating my brain).

This infection in the jaw generates neurotoxins which affect the brain directly due to their proximity, harming and causing central nervous system damage such as intellectual disability, persistent memory impairments, epilepsy, and dementia.

 my heart is doing really bad, I have pain in the kidneys etc. etc. These bacteria cause your blood pressure to rise (the invisible killer) due to atheroma plaque which has its origin in poor dental hygiene.  All this can cause kidney failure, heart attack or stroke.

After they removed my molar, I continued feeling something "wrong" (it was not pain) in my jaw… Shell referred me to the best dentists in Holland and all of them with x-rays in hand "showed me" that nothing was wrong. I came back to my country and was the same. Because I "felt and knew"  that something was wrong, I asked some friend of mine who is a dentist to open my jaw… he told me that that action was not necessary… I insisted and with a camcorder in hand he opened my jaw.

Surprise to everyone!!! Despite the x-rays that proved that nothing was wrong in my jaw… they scraped my bone and it was like a cheese!!!

They sent that sample to the lab and the lab told us that it was infected bone. Unfortunately, all the scrapings that they did on me were not 100 % effective and I still am the same. This can be easily corroborated by any doctor (of the good ones) that in order to eradicate infected bone (chonic osteomielitis) it is really hard… even worse if that infection is in the mouth.

This happened to me when I was 40 years old and believe me when you are 40 years old, 
at least you know one thing, how your body is.

If something hurts, why it hurts, or if on the contrary, you have a body that does not give you any problems you know it. And my body was like this, perfect, never had I had a single headache. I did sports regularly, my nutrition was excellent. Maybe I was lazy, vague, fat… anything that you want but I was 100% HEALTHY.

After that root canal treatment, my problems began. I had the  
“luck”, yes like that, luck between quotes, that this terrible Dutch dentist (catalogued there as the best one) did his work so badly, that it was more than obvious to make a link to all my evils about that root canal treatment knowing in addition that never before had I had any medical problem.

I looked in Google and found hundreds of  pages, many of them written by dentists who confirmed that you can even die because of a root canal treatment. I began to assimilate myself in the subject and little by little I discovered the nightmare that I am living.

The following is a chronology of those who wrote about this information:

More or less 80 years ago, Doctor  
Weston Price, was named by the American Dental Association (ADA), head of the department of investigations of this association because of his interest in exploring all of the related topics to odontology. Dr Price began to investigate the effects of the emerging business of root canal treatments in the United States. To achieve this he directed and led a team of 60 dentists in all of America. After 25 years… YES! TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of interviews, experiments and investigations into this field, he wrote his information down indicating that a root canal treatment fundamentally affects (negatively) the heart and circulatory system (high arterial pressure, constriction of veins and arteries that degenerates into a heart attack or embolia even if your heart is good), brain (stroke) and nervous system, joints and kidneys; as well he mentioned cancer.

What did the "American Dental Association" do with this report 
based on 25 years of investigations

They put this report in the darkness corner they could find and used the argument that with the discovery of antibiotics there was  
nothing to fear in any procedure regarding root canal treatments. In those days, the root canal treatment was a new source of income for dentists.

At the moment, in the United States alone, 60 million root canal treatments are done  yearly with an average cost of 1.000 dollars for each one. Each treatment lasts 1 hour. You think that the American Dental Association will tell you in your face that a root canal treatment can kill you? … impossible!

This information, which reveals the negative consequences of this technique, was filed and nobody said nothing until 1993 when Dr.  George Meinig, (
link 1) (link 2founder of the “American Association of root canal specialists” found it.

Dr. Meinig was shocked since that information faithfully portrayed the symptoms that some of his own patients had reported to him and he did not believe them or simply he did not link those symptoms to a root canal treatment.

As a result of this “discovery”, Dr 
Meinig retired from practicing endodontic (root canal treatments), publicly apologized to his patients and wrote the book “Root canal cover-up”.

It is because of this book that in the United States, some dentists and doctors started to take this seriously and in the year 2002 the book  "Roots of disease. Connecting dentistry & medicine” was published. This book was written by Dr. 
Robert Kulacz (dental surgeon) and Dr. Thomas E. Levy, cardiologist.

In these pages there is a list of testimonies of patients with innumerable and varied ailments, from heart problems to arthritis etc. etc., whereby 60% no longer suffer or in the worse case the problem is diminished by removing the tooth and/or scraping the surrounding bone.

In summary these books say the following thing:

When you have a root canal treatment you have a 
dead piece in your organism, dead is the tooth that “has been saved” by a shining dentist. This tooth, has in its interior millions of bacteria that sometimes are released little by little. This is not always the case, as my first root canal treatments prove which did not cause me any problems whatsoever.

For reasons that still are not clear, your organism sometimes does not detect this invasion of bacteria and it does not do anything to stop it. In summary you have an infection source (focal infection) that is not detected by your body and your organism starts to deteriorate and degenerate.

Sometimes a blood test  does not detect this infection (your white cells stay stable, your erithrosedimentation rate is the same, etc) resulting that the doctors “show you” with tests in the hand that nothing is wrong with you. This is like they demonstrated 25 years ago to the AIDS patients who did not have anything wrong with them or like (also with tests in the hand) they demonstrated to the patients who did not have anything 4 years ago… oops! bird flu! These doctors are a case aside!

The symptoms of your ailments can appear quickly (as in my case) or can take 
 several years as is the common case. Can you imagine that in five or ten years your heart or cerebral problems begin? Would you relate them to that root canal treatment? Of course not… but believe me… the link is really strong.

When you have any infection in a soft tissue… there is no problem since your immune system attacks the invader. If that infection (in a soft organ) becomes severe… no problem! They put antibiotics and everything is OK but if that infection is in the bone or in a tooth with a root canal treatment this is a problem since there is no blood flow in the bone which means the blood does not circulate and consequently the antibiotic CANNOT ACT!

Of course you will find “doctors” who will say to you that there are antibiotics that act on the bone… lies! I took ampicilin for ten weeks with sulbactan and other antibiotics specialized in bones… and I continue to feel bad. I improved a little, certainly… but after 7 months again I felt bad.

Since I felt that these doctors weren't taking me seriously, a year ago more or less, I went to the faculty of odontolgy in my city and spoke with a student in his final year and I asked him (money gets what you want) to make 2 root canal treatments according to my indications. This consisted of killing the nerve and instead of putting the filling (gutta-percha) in aseptic form… he soaked this material in the saliva of the patient. After placing the filling, the molar was covered and the patients were told to return in 20 days.

20 days later both were literally crying, complaining about headaches and pain in their heart, joints etc. A blood test was done, 
"which proved" that nothing was wrong with them. Science lives! I am not a doctor… but because of my problems I infer that most doctors are simply obtuse.

The doctors know what they learn;  
and if they did not learn it or if they do not know it… it does not exist! Simplicity of mind, that is most dangerous, for patients with a little gray matter.

In medicine and related branches… we are in diapers. In September of 2006 it was reported in the press that skin cancer can be cured with genetic engineering. Click  
here for more information. That is good. It shows that there are doctors who are investigating but lamentably 99% of the doctors think that they know everything and that there is nothing to discover. They think that they are the rescuers of humanity and they are not updated. They do not read and they remain in the densest darkness.

If you really want to see how stupid doctors can be… just watch the program "mystery diagnosis" (based on true facts) on discovery channel. In Latin America the channel is "home & health".  In this program, 10 top doctors in their fields are completely wrong (they even refer you to the psychologist).  In the end just one is right… because he believes in what the patient says.

Nowadays, you can "see" this infection if they perform on you a gammagraphy with tecnecium 99 or a dentscan with 0.5 millimeters slides. (Obviously you require a good doctor who "knows" how to read this)

Finally, and as a reflection, 
God brings us to this world in perfect conditions… and we must leave the planet in the same conditions, unless a shining dentist crosses our path.

At the moment my cholesterol level is normal, I am not overweight, do not smoke, do not drink (never did)… but I feel that my heart for the last 4 years is working harder and I feel I am gasping for air sometimes.

These books say that a person who has this infection… will suddenly die of a  
heart attack or a stroke without any “apparent reason”. 

My father is 82 years old and is the youngest of his brothers. They are all in excellent condition, mental as well as physical, the same on my mother's side. I am the one with pains, cardiac problems, cancer and all that. Why?

Because of a simple and stupid root canal treatment!!!

Surely you know somebody near you that has these kinds of  problems. Ask him if he had a root canal treatment in the past. You will be astonished at the number of “coincidences”.

It is increasingly common to hear that many of the "new " diseases begin in the dentist's chair.

I hope to have shed a small light on this subject. Any comment is welcomed!

The greater the information on a matter, the greater the discernment!

The latest news !!!! 

It has been established that only 10% of Alzheimer cases are genetic!!!  The remaining 90% are from unknown causes.

The University of Texas has established in a preliminary investigation that the cause is due to infection.It is not yet known how infection occurs (through the blood, fluids, etc)  but it is a fact it is through infection.  (perhaps through a tooth??)

You can read this link

This infection in the jaw generates neurotoxins which affect the brain directly due to their proximity, harming and causing central nervous system damage such as intellectual disability, persistent memory impairments, epilepsy, and dementia.

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Next a copy of my blog that has been sabotaged by obtuse people without any morals

root canal treatment problems

As of today the 15th of December 2006, I will write a new posting (in the main text) every 15th of the month. If you don't hear from me by the 15th then my illness has taken its course! It means that I am dead or I have forgotten to write! (My memory is failing me lately because of cerebral atrophy). Really, I'll be here every 15th of the month.

December 15, 2006.
Tomorrow is Daniela's birthday (my oldest daughter). She turns 5 and when I think about her I can't help but feel a lot of pain because of what lies ahead for her as I am in a spiral going downhill.

I feel lately that I am getting worse… and I do not want to imagine my children's life without their father.

As a result of my problem, I meditated a lot. I got angry with God… I reproached everybody but in the end I must resign myself… I do not have any other choice! It hurts very much knowing that I will die… and it hurts still more to know the cause of my suffering and knowing that nothing can be done! I have tried everything… I have spent a lot of money. I suppose that it is my destiny… but that makes me think; what sense is there in leading a good life if in the end God punishes you and you die? Is it perhaps better to act badly and have a good and healthy life?

It is paradoxical! If one behaves well, is mentally and morally healthy as I am, this happens to him. On the other hand, if one is like Pinochet (the Chilean dictator)(just an example) you live super well, you're a millionaire and have a long life. You enjoy your family until the last moment and see your children and grandchildren grow up.

Here the phrase "life sucks" is very appropriate.

To finalize I would like to comment that in spite of this problem, I have had the luck to sleep very well all this time except yesterday I could not. My heart hurts and my head like never before. Since 2 days I have felt that the spot (bone) where the last root canal treatment was made is "boiling", that something is very wrong…

Something is growing there (bacteria)… (but the damn analyses say that everything is fine) and as my wife says:  
"if you feel your body (your finger, your head or whatever) it is because something bad is happening to you. You shouldn't feel something that is not bothering you." She is right! “I feel” my heart, my brain and my joints.

January 15, 2007
I am still here… I was really bad five days ago… I thought that my heart was definitely failing. Now I am more stable. I will be in contact February 15th.

I wish you all a very happy new year 2007!

february 15, 2007
I feel completely without energy,  but at  the same time I’m happy because it is the most read and ranked in the first place in the search engines. That means that what I have written is helping a lot of people to understand their “inexplicable” medical problems.

march 15, 2007
to all of you that are reading this blog... this is for real and you can find out a lot more of this in english. Unfortunately... in spanish and other languages is no word about this issue.

april 15, 2007
due to my high blood pressure...caused by these bacteria, my kidneys started to fail.

may 15, 2007

to those who dont know me. up to 4 years ago I was flying in paragliding at least 3 times a week (that implied climbing a mountain during 2 hours in quick steps) beside this i practiced mountain bike once a week.

in other words, my physical condition was excellent. now there are days where is really hard to walk just 2 blocks... due to a single root canal treatment

june 15, 2007

due to some envy guy is blocking my blog (showing his mediocrity and lack of moral values) I will stop publishing it for a while.

the intention of this blog is to provide more information about this critical problem... but that guy is just a rat that can not stand that my blog has more readers than his. This guy wrote several insignificant books that nobody will ever read, not even his mother. Because of this, this guy is marinated in envy, showing clearly his inferiority and ignorance .

To keep the intention of this blog intact, which is helping people… please copy the address of this blog and send it to ALL your contacts


As I said before… “The greater the information on a matter, the greater the discernment! Please let’s help everyone that we can… without selfishness nor meanness, which are characteristics of people of low moral stature.