Pursuit of Knowledge

This is a compulation of links to sites that interest me.


Mind's Escape







Very interesting site sponsored by NASA. Includes links to live NASA TV and other streaming content.





Trade Sports:

The idea behind this site was used by the government to predict areas where terrorists may attack. Basicly people "trade" or "bet" on information, what they think will happen, the result is the World's Leading Prediction Trading Exchange.





Google Scholar:

Search scholarly literature.





Google Mars:

Explore the Martian landscape.







Here is a place to look up all those claims you get over the e-mail. Is #90 really a phone scam?






MythBusters Episodes:

A list of all the episodes and projects plus the outcomes, busted or confirmed. 





The Quotations Page:A fascinating site full of quotations from the famous and the not so famous.


 h2g2: In their words "the unconventional Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything. Based on the Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy this site is a compilation of entries written by their members that range from the mundane to the wierd and fascinating.


 Answers: This site is basicly an online encyclopedia, thesaurus and dictionary. A very useful site for looking things up.