It's nice to dream a little and then realize where the dream meets reality.

Mind's Escape

 Treo 700p:Finally. For those who are not familiar this is the ultimate all in one device. Phone, PDA, camara, MP3 player, you name it. But the best thing about it is that it has high speed internet access. 

A wish list of accessories to go with it:


TomTom NAVIGATOR 5 – Bluetooth

4GB Secure Digital SD Card


Palm® Ultralight Wireless Headset



 R 1150 R:My dream bike.

A wish list of gear to go with it:

BMW Leather Club Jacket

Thermokomfort Soles

Motorrad Ankle Boots

Motorrad AllRound Gloves

TriVision: fits with any Motorrad helmet

Motorrad System 5 helmet




 Shadow Spirit 750 :A little more realistic.

A little gear:


Nolan Outlaw



 SL 600 Roadster:My dream car.



 Prius:At 60 miles to the gallon I'll settle for something a little less sporty.