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The Minutemen are doing it again, standing up for our country where our government fails. On May 27th the Minutemen will break ground on a fence to be built on private property along the Mexican/American border.


An enlightening site made by a resident of one of our border states. He provides slide shows showing what illegal immigrants are doing to our border states.

Desert Visions


Here is  a link to a video collection from the marches that took place across the country in support of illegal immigrants.


I wanted to embed the video but I'm not that tech. savvy yet :)

I could not believe the rhetoric I heard. How can any American be in support of a group that is so blatantly UN-American!! What concerned me the most about the video was the violent undertone and the blatant plan of action to destroy America's sovereignty by eliminating the border altogether. 


Well it's April and another major Minuteman initiative has started. On April 1st I went down to Falfurrias to join them in an effort to make a difference. If you are interested in joining your voice with the Minutemen's go to their website and volunteer.


Border control and illegal immigration is a major crisis America is currently facing. Everyday hundreds of immigrants enter our country illegally, and tax the system a little more. Hospitals and schools are drowning under the overwhelming load placed on them by persons who contribute no funds to support the very systems they demand a right to.

Some have proposed amnesty to legalize those "working in the shadows" of our country. It is claimed that through amnesty illegal workers could then be taxed and contribute to the society instead of draining it. Along with this solution is proposed guest worker programs whereby "needed workers" could be brought over under a controlled situation and fill the positions "Americans do not want to work". The main problem with these solutions is that they do not address the issue of controlling the border. It will do no good to have a guest worker problem or to give amnesty when the border is still wide open.

The first issue that must be addressed before any other programs can be considered is control of our borders. There is a group who is fighting for this cause. The Minuteman Project is made up of volunteers who are prepared to do what our government is refusing to do, secure our borders. April 1, 2006 will be a rally, the Minutemen are calling for all those who care for their nation and refuse to stand by and watch its demise.