Ball and chain


The Love of My Life



Donnarae, a woman who is insane for being with me.

We met in 1998 and a year later on December 19, 1999 we were joined in marital bliss. Unfortunately she was so sick she nearly collapsed at the alter and it is argued to this day whether a vow you're too sick to remember counts.

 We lived with my parents at first, but after some saving, and a little courage to take on the debt, we set out and bought our first piece of property, our own home sweet home. The house... I mean trailer wasn't much to look at (thus the lack of pictures of it) but we were property owners and as proud as a mother hen of her chicks.


Our first children together were Muffy (the calico) and Hairy (the beautiful but stupid white angel).


These two terrors (who I confess to loving despite their endless supply of hair) have been with us since before our marriage.

  Moving around the country with us, nuzzling my wife through pregnancy and child birth, they are more a part of the family than I am.


 Our second child came to us while we were living in our first home. A joy and a devil we named her Pita (an acronym for Pain In The .... Butt).

Eventually like all children she grew up, moved out and had children of her own (she never calls or writes, what's with children these days).



After a while we relocated, I got a better job and I bought my wife the car she had craved for years, a BMW 328 is. Of course I was still driving a jalopy, and admittedly a little jealous. I guess that what wives are for right, to buy things for and then be jealous of.

7 years after our marriage Donnarae had a surprise for me, another addition to our family.

Holland has consumed our lives since the day he entered it.


From screaming cries for attention to heart melting smile it is hard to imagine my life without Donnarae, or Holland.