Morrow's Native Art

Native American Fine Art

Morrow's Native Art, now known as Native Art, has moved home, we are located at 14525W County Road K,  Hayward Wisconsin. Ramona Morrow is our featured artist, including her Cattail Collection of handmade, signed and numbered Native American Dolls and now The Yankton Collection of dolls.  Ramona also sells through the Dept. of Interior, Indian Craft Shop in Washington DC. She also sells through A Shared Blanket in Durango, CO. 

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 Ramona also makes a wide assortment of re-creations from the past, including dolls,cradleboards, war shirts, bows & quivers, pipebags to name a few.  Ramona has been beading since she was nine and sitting at her grandmothers table where she could always find a tray of beads.  She has taught doll making and Dream Catcher making at the Smithsonians George Haye Gustav, National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in New York, and in Wisconsin at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute (WITC) in Cornucopia. Her work has gone throughout the US, British Columbia, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Denmark, Russia, and now Spain .

Ramona is also a graduate of UW-EauClaire where she received her BA in American Indian Studies, minoring in health.

George Morrow, Ramona's husband creates beautiful walking sticks. He finds what the stick wants to do and goes along with it. Sometimes he can find many of the clan animals in one stick. Sometimes they need a little help and he brings them to life.

Ramona passed the tradition on to her children who also do art. Her oldest son Robert C. M. Radka is the grandson of the late Ben DeNunez who did the "Woody Woodpecker" Little Golden Books. He was gifted to have received his grandfather’s talent. Robert also does beadwork, quite the perfectionist. Robert always has his paper ready to create another work of art.

Ramona's daughter Jessica makes beaded jewelry and take fantastic photos.  Jessica has recently relocated with her husband Ernie and daughter Iva to Las Vegas .

Christian has followed in her mother’s footsteps, creating her own line of dolls, even though they are far and few between.  Christian was  "Miss Honor the Earth"  2007-08, representing the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe. Christian also works at Hayward Nursing Home and travels to pow-wows on weekends. She is a fancy dancer and sings back up for drum groups on the pow-wow trail.  Christian is also in Nursing School and the mother of two boys.

Michael has some of his older brothers talent in drawing, sometimes when he thinks he is as good as his brother he sees another of his creations and says "maybe not". Although he has a way to go, he is gifted in drawing also. He does beautiful beadwork and this year has begun ceramics. Michael was in the LCO Gifted and Talented Art Club at  Lac Courte Oreilles.  Michael graduated on May 27th, 2008. He has made it back safely from the US Army and  Afghanistan.   Michael is the father of a little girl and continues to do his art work, come see whats new at the studio.