Welcome to the MOMS Club® of Morrow/Maineville!

You are invited to come and explore The Morrow/Maineville chapter of The International MOMS Club®


What is The International MOMS Club®? :

International MOMS Club® is a non-profit organization with local chapters throughout the world that provides support and social opportunities for local moms and their children to meet and interact with other moms and children within the school district. Our sole purpose is to provide a social outlet and make lifelong friends for both moms and children.  MOMS stands for MOMS Offering Moms Support®

What does the local chapter do?:

  • The local chapters are run and managed by the group which allows for the club to be whatever YOU want it to be.  
  • There are offices that are held by volunteers within the group that help to maintain organization and communication to all members of upcoming events.  You can choose to hold an office or choose not to hold an office.  
  • We have monthly meetings and moms within the club host a variety of social gatherings where children are always included throughout the month. It is a great way to discover local family friendly and affordable activities while having the opportunity to interact with other “grown-ups” that are experiencing the same joys and challenges that go along with raising thriving families.  We are a closed group and no member’s personal information is ever publicly  released.  Only current members are given addresses and phone numbers of current members.  This is not a solicitation. No one is trying to sell anything or share "opportunities" for financial independence. It is strictly a social support network for stay at home moms and we respect and guard each other’s personal information.  If you run a home based business, we do provide advertising opportunities in the monthly newsletter.
  • The local chapter hosts holiday parties with fun activities and crafts for the children to enjoy.
  • We schedule a monthly “MOMS Night out” to gives us moms a much needed opportunity to be able to relax and enjoy each other’s company, child free.  
  • We have also hosted fundraisers to help support the local food pantry, provide back packs and school supplies for local families and have "adopted" at least one family through Little Miami School District for Christmas providing those families with necessities and toys that they would not otherwise have.

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