Fireworks Details

VIEWING:  The fireworks display will be launched from a barge in the bay approximately 1/2 mile south of Tidelands Park.  Tidelands Park is located at the south end of the Embarcadero.  There is great viewing at and around Tidelands.  It does get crowded at the park and we recommend either walking to Tidelands or taking the Trolley into the park.  A Trolley Map can be found here.  There is no general parking available at Tidelands, however, handicap parking is provided with proper identification.
There is also great viewing all along the embarcadero waterfront.  It is a treat to view the fireworks from any of our many fine dining establishments along the waterfront, but you need to make reservations or get there early!  Check out our chamber website here for places to dine or a place to stay.  Hotels get booked up, so be sure to make your reservations early.
If the fog isn't bad, there is great viewing at the Rock parking lot and surrounding beaches.  An added bonus of this spot is that on a clear night, you'll be treated to both the Morro Bay show as well as a distant view of the Cayucos show.
The Fireworks display will begin promptly at 9:15 pm and last 20 minutes.  The show will go on regardless of weather/fog.
BOATERS:  The public launch ramp (just south of Tidelands at the south end of embarcadero) remains open at all times.  Tow vehicles with boat trailers will be allowed past the traffic choke point (located on the embarcadero at the Embarcadero Inn) and directed to the launch ramp parking that is reserved for tow vehicles and their boat trailers.  All boaters will be provided with educational literature about Plover nesting grounds on the sandspit. 
THE SANDSPIT:  Please be advised that the sandspit is a sensitive nesting habitat of the Snowy Plover bird.  As such, it is a protected area and marked off with rope and signs.  If you go over to the sandspit for viewing, please stay along the water's edge and do not cross into any roped off or marked areas.