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Apr 15
  • BBC News, 'Council wants more morris dancers', "English tradition could die out in 200 years", "this great art"
Apr 13
Apr 12
  • Jakarta Globe'Morris Dancing Attracts New Blood',  JMO meeting, Nottingham
Apr 8
  • Google News,  'England's Morris Dancers Fight Back',  JMO meeting, Nottingham, Hook Eagle
Mar 30
  • South Wales ArgusBiker Urban Morris Side (Bums) to appear at Glastonbury.   "only been going since last August",  "I emailed organisers and said coverage of Morris Dancing is dying out. We have a full spectrum of ages and want people at the festival to see how much fun it is."
Mar 23
Mar 16
  • Vanessa Harriss's Blog,  White Horse MM,  The Film,   "Morris-dancing fun! Who'd a thought it?",  "the men of the White Horse are actually pretty hot"
Mar 13
  • EDP24, Norfolk, 'Morris Dancing, A life with Bells On', Rumburgh Morris, "other groups that are affiliated to Morris Ring... give the hobby a bad name."
Mar 10
Mar 5
  • Cherwell.org, Morris dancing in Oxfordshire, "And contrary to recent press coverage, a lot of young people are involved."

Fri Feb 27
  • Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan, Hartley MM,  "Young dancers wanted. British traditional dancers looking for young blood"
  • Northants Evening Telegraph, "One classic English tradition highlighted as dying out was Morris dancing", Witchmen 
Thu Feb 26
  • Rutland Times,  Morris Dancing is alive and kicking in Rutland. "This would be an excellent time for men to join the club"
Wed Feb 25
Tue Feb 24
Thu Feb 19
  • Sue's Musings blog, Review of 'A Life with Bells On' , "you could be forgiven for thinking that this movie would provide the Morris with a timely shot in the arm. Unfortunately, it’s more likely to be a shot in the foot!",  "Did I enjoy it? Yes! The general public will take it to its heart.. "
Tue Feb 17
  • Henley Standard, 'Morris Dancing "Not on its last legs"', Hurst Morris People, "group has trebled its numbers over the last few years"
  • Croydon Today, Old Palace Clog, "..a wide range of ages joining their merry troupe."
Mon Feb 16
  • The Guardian, Ben Myers blog, Hells Bells! Morris dancing is back, "[it] simply never went away", "a younger generation is finding its way to the quirky past-time" [pic of defunct Derby MM again! ]
  • Daily Telegraph, Emma Hartley blog, 'Three tales of the unexpected', White Rose, "If he put together his youngest side the squire wouldn't even be in it", Bathampton, "age has recently become an issue" , Demon Barbers, "young ladies in boob tubes and shorts" [!], Stroud MM, "11 .. 15, 18 and 24 year old, none of whom are embarrassed to dance in public"
Sun Feb 15
  • Times Online, "Have Britain’s morris dancers hired a public-relations company..?",  "..Brits jogging up and down in silly clothes outside pubs.." 
Fri Feb 13
Thu Feb 12
  • Time Magazine Video, Can the English tradition of Morris Dancing survive in the 21st Century?  Squire Brian interviewed.   Hartley MM.
  • Ripon GazetteYoungsters show off their morris dancing skills, "The children said it was a different kind of musical experience and took you back in time"
  • Easier.com , Hastings, "To see Morris dancing alive and jingling, the Jack in the Green Festival is the place to be during Bank Holiday weekend"
  • Kent Online, Hartley MM, film, "an explosion of interest in morris dancing", "like something plucked straight out of the Middle Ages"
  • Gravesend Messenger, "Barack Obama, Pope Benedict and the Dalai Lama have recently featured on the cover of TIME magazine... Add to this impressive list Hartley Morris Men"
Wed Feb 11
  • Lancashire Evening Post,  'Uncertain Future..',  "If all four teams combined now, there would be no more dancers than each individual team had 10 years ago."
Tue Feb 10
  • Suffolk & Essex onlineGreen Dragon Morris, "Morris is healthier than it has been for a long time.", "there are probably 1,000 sides. So for a tradition that people ridicule, day in, day out, and don't consider to be part of England . . .”, "The keys, really, are to dance in areas where the audience is likely to have a decent proportion of younger people, to present a welcoming face, and to try to actively recruit."
Mon Feb 9
  • Trafford Messenger, Manchester MM, 'Sampler Session, "to offer an opportunity for anyone to come and find out for themselves"
Sun Feb 8
  • The Independent, 'Dare to dance the Morris, the Laugh of the Century', "Leaping about with a hop and a skip to a wheezy melodeon"
  • ..and comment, "Yes, the teenaged fangirls are suitably eccentric, and we will lure any man we can....", "..secret Morris fans all over Scotland!"
Sat Feb 7
  • The Sun, Film Biz,  'Hells Bells!'
Thu Feb 5
  • BBC R4 Womans Hour, Interview with Lucy Neal about Mary, Cecil and the early revival, "No danger of Morris dying out "
Tue Feb 3
  • Computing, London Pride MM and 'Virtual Morris Dancing' with ''Wii-nonny-no' software"
  • Preston FM podcast, Where have all the Morrismen gone?', how people from the Preston and South Ribble area could get involved
Mon Feb 2
  • Norwich Advertiser, Kemp's men, Golden Star, "members aged between 12 and 95"
  • Cookthink, Hair of the Dog blog, "destined for the scrap heap of oblivion — like the dodo and Morris dancing."
Fri Jan 30
  • This is Bristol,  "Those people with their glass half empty should take a look at the Bristol Morris Men, who have a good number of under-25s in their ranks", "It's a misconception that we get mocked."
Thu Jan 29
  • Cheltenham First Post,  'Is morris on its last legs?',  "..supporters say it is at risk of withering from embarrassment"
Wed Jan 28
Tue Jan 27
  • Daily Telegraph, Emma Hartley's blog, "one might as well say that The Daily Telegraph is a doomed newspaper because its average reader is older than that of some of its rivals"
Mon Jan 26
  • Mystic Times, Connecticut, "Still dancing at 88". "not quite as “frisky” as he used to be"
  • Ely Standard,  Ely, Littleport & Coton join forces for 'Taster Day' to recruit new members.
Sat Jan 24
Wed Jan 21
  • Independent Minds (comment), Oyster MM, "...This may apply to the Morris Ring...overweight men with beards, tankards, badges, scruffy kit ....Leave the Morris to teams who can excite and enthrall the audience!! Morris Dance is alive, well and stepping!!"
  • Buckingham today,  "Secretary of the Kirtlington Morris Group .. agrees with the latest report from the UK Morris Association. He said: "We are barely getting enough people together to make a set,"
  • BBC Wiltshire, 'Morris Worries are Minor', Holt Morris, Bryan Bake, "popularity and membership continue to swell", "some members of the group, whose ages range from 11 to 60+, actually joined up after seeing us perform."

Tue Jan 20
  • Morning Advertiser, Greene King salutes Morris Dancers
  • BBC Somerset, Interview, Chalice MM,  West Somerset MM, "We get a lot of fun out of morris dancing and a lot of other people would as well if they tried it out."

Mon Jan 19
  • Ripley & Heanor News, Today's Vote  "Morris dancing is under threat because so few youngsters are joining clubs. How great a loss would it be if the tradition were to die out? 
    30% Bit of a shame     63% A great loss   7% Who cares
  • Bolton NewsHorwich Prize Medal MM, "plenty of young members"
  • MoeLane, USA, blog, & comment, "The Morris Ring represent the most knee-jerk traditionalist, “don’t change anything, ever,” .<snip rant>....... The other  teams? Doing rather well, actually."
Sun Jan 18
  • Sunday Mercury, 'Why women went wild for my fertile morris dance steps', "We need to move with the times,” announced the grand wizard. “Pole dancing’s very big business at the moment"
Sat Jan 17
  • Daily Mail Online, Lucy Akhurst, "If an urban sophisticate luvvie like myself can fall in love with it, anyone can."  

Fri Jan 16
  • Ripley & Heanor News, "Ripley is bucking a national trend"Ripley MM "certainly do not think it is dying out.","broad age range in our team "
  • Esk Valley TodayPlough Stots, "It should be promoted in schools as part of the national curriculum.
  • Redditch AdvertiserAelfgythe, "At a time when the art of morris dancing is dying out in many areas..."
  • Kent Messenger,  Morris Minors keep up ancient tradition', "Youngsters in [Staplehurst] are jingling and jigging their way to success in an ancient pastime"
  • Westmoreland Gazette, "..national organisation dedicated to all things bells, flowers and handkerchiefs""..rubbished by a South Lakeland side and its teenage members",  Crook Morris,"..30 members and three under the age of 18, has insisted the jolly dancers will be around for some time."
  • BBC TV 'Oddbox'King John's MM, Hartley MM at practice (last item)
Thu Jan 15 
  • Leamington Spa CourierChinewerde, "definitely not our experience that morris dancing is dying out, or that young people are not getting involved."
  • Tewkesbury AdmagChipping Campden MM, "aged from six up to their late 60s.", "We’re bucking the trend of the sides from the Morris Ring".
  • Ormskirk & Skelmersdale Advertiser, "It’s hard finding young dancers, it’s a real shame,”
  • Malvern GazetteOld Meg Morris, "looking for new members for the new year"
  • Leyland GuardianRivington Morris, "appealing for girls and women to join the fun"
Wed Jan 14
  • Dartford & Swanley Times, ".. a merry myth if the Hartley Morris Men have anything to do with it" .  'Squire Brian', "If you want to attract new members, you've got to adapt.", "strong element of people who are saying 'we love what we do, we've been doing it for 50 years and we're not going to change' and that's fine, but those sides will die", ""Young people need to grab this thing, and turn it into something which is meaningful to them. They have to turn it into their dance."
  • Shropshire Star"What Future for County Morris Dancers?", Ironmen, Severn Gilders, Shrewsbury MD, "[The Ring are] seen, perhaps unfairly, as the grumpy old men of morris".
  • DaelnetFlagcrackers of Craven"among many thriving morris sides condemning the scaremongering of the Morris Ring", "members from 4 to 71", "mixed..secret of Morris living on"
  • Oxford Mail, "Morris Dancing Alive & Kicking", Icknield Way MM,  "our group of teens love being part of the morris", "“Some people mistakenly think morris is stuck in the past and the Morris Ring have put forward a common point of view about it being in decline. But while morris is very traditional, it can move with the times; dances evolve and so does the music, the choreography and even the kit.”"
Tue Jan 13
  • No news!
Mon Jan 12
  • Your Thanet,  Woodchurch MM, "That is actually nonsense. We have plenty of youngsters doing the dancing and playing."
  • London Informer, Hammersmith MM deny decline of dance
  • Cambridge News, Honor Ridout, "Not dying, but alive and kicking"
  • Bradford Telegraph Argus"not the case in Otley", "booming National Youth Folkdance Federation", "Last year ..in Oakworth, the men-only morris was struggling"
  • This is the Westcountry,  West Somerset MM " launching a broadside to save the ailing dance", "recent coverage ..  has created an enormous interest from all parts of the community".
  • Stroud News & Journal, Stroud MM, "The comments made me quite annoyed to be honest because we are doing better now than ever before", .
  • Inside Bay Area (California), Dancin' Fools, "hard to hear the ringing of the bells over the cracking of joints."
  • Flickr,  "the Bedlams won't stop"
  • EDP24(Norfolk), Wassailing festival report, Kenninghall & Hoxon Hundred, "not a dying art"
Sun Jan 11
  • These Suburban Isles, blog comment
  • Kent on SundayDead Horse Morris, "five or six children dancing with us", "If you go to festivals you see lots of youngsters dancing"
  • Sunday Sun, Durham MM, "North morris dancers claim that just isn’t true and that there is plenty of young blood coming through"
Sat Jan 10
  • Times Online, Hammersmith MM, "Our man gets togged up and investigates", "one could no more expect to wander over and join in than one could wander into Old Trafford and expect to play for Manchester United."
  • Times Online, Letters"Morris dancing, Scottish Skirts and unruly sex"
  • Daily TelegraphReporter dances with Jockey MM"not assiduous followers of fashion", "gaggle of young female groupies"
  • Braintree Times, Colchester MM
  • Bolton NewsHorwich MM,  "..active younger dancers, from age 12 to early 20s"
  • Maroon Bells Morris, Colorado, "this rumor is far from true. Perhaps the Morris Ring just wanted to generate some press,"
  • USA National Public Radio, "Most alarming news of the week", "synchronised skipping", "..like people from the rennaissance doing Star Wars laser fights". "dorky"
  • Beer Blogcomments, "Too embarrassed??? That stuff is magic", "harmless twattery"
  • UKdebate, discussion, "is it not PART of Brit culture to laugh at ourselves?", "It's not like we're about to lose the Yorkshire Pudding or something." ,"there are also female Morris dancers, including complete troups{?] of them"
  • Europeanhistory blog, press release.
  • And Now for Something, blog, Morris Dancing: the end is nigh, "I can hardly wait."
Fri Jan 09
  • Independent, The week in culture, "[with] video cameras to record the dances it could go into total hibernation for 400 years and still re-emerge completely intact, should the will to bob around jingling eventually return."
  • Peterborough Telegraph, "...ironically on the eve of the internationally renowned Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival – that young people were too self-conscious to take part " "30 pupils at Alderman Jacobs School ... had been hugely enthuisastic about the molly dancing, and were eagerly anticipating performing at the Straw Bear."
  • Diss Express, Ron Ross, Hoxon Hundred, "most of them drifted off and found other things.”
  • Wordpress blog, "Morris ring loves nothing better than a bit of scaremongering", "antiquated attitudes to women"
  • This is Cornwall, Trigg MM, Bodmin , "no shortage of members"
  • This is Exeter"TEENAGERS in Exeter are breathing fresh life into Morris dancing"
  • Bournemouth Daily Echoletter, "if ..papers .. and TV were to stop mocking it" 
  • BBC Radio4 PM comments, "Charlie's naff whinge", "My dad wouldn't let me marry a morris dancer"
  • BBC Radio4, News Quiz"Demise of the lamest?"
  • BBC Radio London, Breakfast show, North Wood MM, 7 min interview, 
Thu Jan 08
Wed Jan 07
  • The Guardian with a brief instructional and a superb piece on the web site by Elaine Bratke
  • Daily Mirror, Reporter learns to dance with Woodside MM, Watford.  "would I ever get out my hankies and leg bells and dance with them down at my local? Hell, no."
  • Ian Mcmillan, BBC Radio4, You & Yours
  • Manchester Evening News, Saddleworth MM, "Morris dancing does not exactly go out of it's way to recommend itself"
  • This is Gloucestershire, Peter Cripps of Glosfolk,   "increasing numbers of younger dancers"
  • Lancashire Telegraph, Coconutters, Darwen  "Morris dancing troupes bucking trend"
  • BBC Look North TV, Yorkshire Coast & Minster Strays  
  • BBC Somerset TV, Somerset, Bristol kids, Kim Woodward.  Morris is "wicked"
  • James O'Malley, blog, 'Strictly Stop Dancing, Please', "Replace the bells with glow-sticks and the twee accordion farts with hardcore trance... and before you know it young people will flock to it."
The Daily Telegraph says the stereotype of middle-aged men with beards who like a pint of bitter still holds true.
How the Morris dance is dying of embarrassment", is the headline in the Daily Mail.
"Troupe leaders fear kids will not get involved because they worry about being mocked," says the Sun
  • The Times, Magnus Linklater: "Good news; Morris dancing is dying out"
  • Simon Care on Jeremy Vines show with Magnus Linklater, BBC Radio 2.
    • Listeners commentsJeremy Vines show, BBC Radio 2, "absolutely brilliant", "wimpish", 11yo dancer's view
  • The Guardian, poem by John Hegley
  • Daily Express
  • China Daily
  • SchoolOfEverything blog, "it seems like the death of morris dancing may have been exaggerated! "
  • Daily Mail Reporter visits Bristol MM and learns to dance
  • The Sun  In which page 3 model "Sam, 22, from Manchester" is gutted that Morris dancing could be extinct. "We are losing too many of our traditions," she frets, "let's hope Morris men keep waving their hankies for years to come". Picture!
  • Reuters, Brian Tasker interview,  "no way" morris dancing would die out in 20 years"
  • Bournmouth Daily Echo, Wessex MM
  • Dark Dorset, "Morris dancers in dorset are crying out for new members"
  • Somerset County Gazette, "Morris Dancing in Grave Danger", West Somerset MD, "The basic message from young people is that it's not a very cool thing to do." 
  • Thames Valley TV, "Hook Eagle MM explaining why the Morris Ring is wrong. Again."  Reporter joins the team and enjoys it
  • BritishBlogs, several links to other blogs
  • Making Light blog, with interesting discussion & comments
  • SBS TV (Aus)
  • Digital Spy
  • Brian Tasker, Morris Ring Squire, interviewed on As It Happens, CBC and film mentioned
Mon Jan 05 2009
Sep 29 2008
  • Daily Telegraph, Gloucestershire MM, ".. Morris dancing could die out if more young people cannot be persuaded to take up the ancient art" 

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