Below is a list of upcoming meetings, guided tours and cultural events related to the Morris Canal. Please check back for updates and let us know about any new events being scheduled! 

Walking tour


New Jersey Public Television (better known as NJTV will feature the Morris Canal on its Drive By History program.  The program is scheduled to air on Wednesday March 15 at 8:00 p.m. on NJTV.   The program looks at the Morris Canal from the perspective of history, but also the future potential of the Greenway.  Locations featured include Little Falls, Jersey City, and Waterloo.

Please email info about any upcoming late winter/spring/summer events, meetings, etc. so we can get them on the calendar and help promote via social media.  Thanks very much.

For more information, contact Ted Ritter at the NJTPA at or (973) 639-8447.