The fifth grade classes will be "teaming" our lessons for Science and Social Studies.  This means that the students will stay in our class for Science and then will go to Mrs. Runge's class for Social Studies.  By doing this, we are preparing our students for the switching they will be doing in the middle school next year.  We are all very excited about this approach and we feel you will be, too.  All Science inquiries will be directed to myself and Mrs. Ross and all Social Studies inquiries will be directed to Mrs. Runge (
Currently, we use the Harcourt School Publishers Science program. We conduct note-taking, hands-on experiments, activities, games, and role-playing in Science.   

Our content includes:
    Life Processes:  Introduction to Cells & How Plants Make Food 

    Global Interdependence:  Ecosystems, How Energy Flows Through Ecosystems & Extinction 

    Dynamic Earth: How Ocean Waters Move, Changing Landforms, & How Fossils Show How the Earth’s Surface has Changed

    Astronomy:  Earth’s Position Relative to the Sun & The Sun’s Gravity 

    Energy, Motion & Matter:  Electric Energy, Light & Sound Energy & How Energy Moves Through Matter 

    For more information and online activities visit Harcourt Science.
    We will also be testing out Science Kits this year, which will provide students with an exciting opportunity to learn more about the world around them, with an inquiry-based approach.
    Additionally, the science program is supplemented by the DARE program, which runs from January through March.

    - This excellent site has kid-friendly videos on both Science and Math topics.  Then, there are quick quizzes that allow you to check for understanding.


    NEW:  Use Quizlet to study for the Science Vocabulary Quiz for Unit A, Chapter 2, Lesson 1:

    Use Quizlet to study for the Science Vocabulary Quizzes for Unit A, Chapter 1:
    Check out these sites to learn more about the Body Systems: