Dogs in Our Shelter

These are the dogs in the shelter currently and the dates they are available for adoption or released to rescue. All dogs posted here have estimated ages and best guess on the breed based on the health, teeth, body build of the dog, or a veterinarian examination.

If you see a dog posted here that you own, please call the Morrilton Police Department and be prepared to show proof of ownership to claim your dog. There also may be a fine to be paid to pick up your dog. 

Rescues that want to pull from this shelter should provide their 501(c)(3) status or the information from your state that you are a non-profit rescue. A Rescue Group Approval form can be filled out to be on the approved rescue groups list. This list is approved by Chief of Police.

If a rescue group wants to pull a dog from the pound, a Rescue Pull form will have to be submitted and approved before the dog can be taken out of the shelter.

To adopt a dog from this shelter, please fill out an Adoption Application and there are options for the adoption process:
  1. After approval of adoption, pay $100 to the City of Morrilton Police Department and the ACO will take the dog to a local veterinarian to have shots up to date and spayed or neutered. The adopter then picks up the dog from that clinic and owes nothing to the veterinarian
  2. After approval of adoption, and the dog has not been to the veterinarian or has had any shots, the adopter can take the dog to their personal veterinarian and have shots up to date, spayed or neutered at adopter's expense. 
  3. If the dog has had any shots or had any vet care the adopter pays the expense that has already accrued and then take the dog to their veterinarian to have all shots up to date, spayed or neutered.
If you select option 2 or 3, you must provide proof that the dog is up to date on shots and has been spayed or neutered within 10 days of adoption.

If you want more information on any of these dogs please use the Contact Us page and references the MAC ID so we know which dog you are asking about.