Welcome to Morrilton Animal Control web site.

Every year, our Morrilton Animal Control receives more dogs than we can possibly find homes for in our community. That’s why we’re constantly looking for new spay/neuter strategies to reduce the number of pets coming in, while at the same time developing innovative programs that help us reunited pets with their owners and unclaimed/surrendered dogs adopted to a forever home.

Our goal is to get lost dogs back to their owners and find every adoptable pet a loving home. We have partnered with local rescue groups to increase the number of adopted dogs and puppies. We currently work with KC Pet Rescue and ArkanPaws Animal Rescue, both local to Morrilton Arkansas. We have also worked with other rescues from all over the US that have helped in providing these dogs with an opportunity to be adopted. 

Some shelters around the country have nearly eliminated the overpopulation problem in their communities. Until we achieve that goal in our community, the importance of educating our community about spay and neutering has to be addressed, we will continue having this problem. We depend on social networking and our community to help provide our shelter with an opportunity to help dogs find their owners and adoptable homeless dogs and puppies to find a loving home, wherever those homes may be.

For years the Morrilton Animal Control facility was an "Out of Site, Out of Mind" mentality. The community has helped so much in getting dogs noticed and caring for them until they make it home or adopted. It has made a difference, since the community has been involved no dogs have been PTS (Put To Sleep) since October 30, 2013.

Help us to make this a better place for the dogs here and to give them the chance to have a full life. We have t-shirts for sale to help raise funds for vet costs, please contact Rohlman Animal Hospital (501-354-5575) to get a shirt or just donate to vet costs.

To make donations contact us at mpoundpups@gmail.com or msheltervolunteer@gmail.com.

This shelter is located in a remote location but the closest address Google maps 
has is 669 Parette Lake Rd, Morrilton, Arkansas 72110.

There is no phone at this location at this time, access the shelter by 
contact Morrilton Police Department at 501-354-0131.