The Team

The project team has wide and long experience on monitoring and modelling physical and ecological processes in river systems. Part of the group members accounts for more than 15 years of experience in the fields of Fluvial Geomorphology and Freshwater Ecology. Additionally, three additional collaborators have been actively participating.

Figure 1. Summary of the team members and collaborators.

Their research has been funded through a series of continuous competitive peer-reviewed projects at national and international levels. The group carries out systematic fieldwork by means of advanced monitoring techniques, including last-generation terrestrial laser scanning systems, acoustic Doppler profiling, particle radiofrequency tracking systems and high-rank turdidimeters between others; altogether with the objective of assessing fluvial sediment budgets, sediment transport, channel morphodynamics and habitat conditions (e.g. Vericat and Batalla, 2010; López and Barragán, 2008; Brasington, 2010; López-Tarazón et al., 2011; Tena et al., 2011; Malcom et al., 2012). The group also undertakes field experiments to assess interactions between flow, bed structure, sediment entrainment, and macroinvertebrate communities (e.g. Vericat et al., 2008; Gibbins et al., 2010). In addition, the application of the aforementioned advanced monitoring techniques is allowing synergising earth observation and numerical modelling in an unprecedented detail, providing a better understanding of the interactions between fluvial morphodynamics, bed sedimentology, sediment transport, and channel hydraulics in highly dynamics fluvial systems (e.g. Williams et al., 2011). Finally, some group members have direct experience on assessing the effects of gravel-mining and other human impacts in physical and ecological processes and dynamics gravel-bed rivers (e.g. Merz et al., 2006; Batalla and Vericat, 2009). In the following section you can get the specific details of all members and collaborators.


   Damián Vericat

   Ramon J. Batalla


   Maria Béjar


   James Brasington


  Cristina Buendia


     Chris Gibbins



   Gemma Lobera


    Raúl López


     Jose A. López Taarazón


      Efrén Muñoz



    Antoni Palau



     Ester Ramos



      Mark Smith


     Álvaro Tena



     Joan Verdú


     Joe Wheaton



   Carles Balasch



   Celso Garcia


    Colin Rennie