• Working on the data in order to publish our results very soon. Click prliminary results to see some of these and also in the Gallery section ... 

            Posted: December 2015

  • A new information sheet is available; click here if you want to see it!

            Posted: November 2014

  • A busy summer ... floods and gravel mining ... a perfect combination for MorphSed (see outcomes for more details).

            Posted: November 2014

  • Great meeting in Lleida with some of the team members from Spain.

                Posted: June 2014

  • The first flood in the catchment fully-monitored!!

                Posted: April 2014

The River Cina near Ainsa (left: 123 m3/s, right: 40 m3/s)

The San Vicente Creek near to the confluece with the Cinca.

  • Celso Garcia (University of the Balearic Islands), Chris Gibbins (Aberdeen University)  and Colin Rennie (University of Ottawa) will visit us the coming week. A series of seminars and field work are being planned.

            Posted: March 2014

  • A new field campaign is almost finished! On Thursday 06 March we will be flying and the campaign will be closed! Macroinvertebrates, hydraulics, topography and aerials almost in our computers.

            Posted: March 2014

  • Ester Ramos has joined the MorphSed Team. Ester will develop her PhD project in the background of MorphSed.

            Posted: February 2014

  • Laspuña Bridge Monitoring Site has been set up. Turbidity, water depth and temperature data is recorded at 15 minutes intervals.
            Posted: January 2014

  • A pressure transducer, a water temperature sensor and a high range turbidity probe have been installed in the Escalon Gauging Station. The support of the Ebro Water Authorities (particularly the SAIH) has been fundamental. MorphSed members will have telemetry access to this station very soon.  

      Posted: December 2013