Welcome to the Ecomorphology and Morphometrics Group

Laboratorio de Ciencias Ambientais, UENF

Departamento de Biologia Animal, UFRRJ

The Morphometrics and Ecomorphology Group congregates a research team integrated into research projects dealing with morphological evolution. The research group joins faculty from
The Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense and The Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro.

An organism's shape is the expression of its genes while interacting with environmental influences during development. The study of shape variation patterns is essential for our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms behind the diversity of life. Our research focuses both on the ecological factors and evolutionary mechanisms that influence shape changes, and the geometric and statistical methods used for the analysis of shape variation. Does integrated development constrain evolution during an adaptive radiation? How do body size, shape and life history interact in the process of ecological differentiation? In order to answer these questions, a range of vertebrate organismal models are studied, such as phyllostomid bats, that have undergone the most impressive ecomorphological diversification among mammals, and livebearing fish isolated in different environments