Welcome to the  2014 Joint Meeting of SIGMORPHON and SIGFSM which will take place at ACL 2014 in Baltimore, MD, on June 27, 2014

The purpose of the joint workshop is to bring together researchers interested in applying computational techniques to problems in morphology, phonology, and phonetics (the SIGMORPHON community) and researchers interested in applying finite-state methods to problems in natural language processing (the SIGFSM community).  While the interests and methods of these different communities overlap considerably, there has been little institutional recognition of shared problems and techniques.  This 1-day workshop, endorsed by both SIGMORPHON and SIGFSM, is a strong step towards establishing a meeting point where these communities learn from each other's experience, exchange ideas, and follow the advances in research groups working on different but related fields. 

This workshop will be the thirteenth meeting of SIGMORPHON (formerly called SIGPHON) and an off-year event for SIGFSM.  It will be a full-day workshop consisting of invited presentations, contributed presentations, and a special panel session on open problems. Research papers will be on substantial, original, and unpublished research, potentially including strong work in progress. Panel papers will identify open problems of significant interest. Appropriate topics include (but are not limited to) the following as they relate to the areas of SIGMORPHON and SIGFSM:

  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised, or machine learning of linguistic knowledge and finite-state models
  • New formalisms, computational treatments, or probabilistic models of linguistic generalizations
  • Finite-state models of language
  • Practices for building and evaluating morphological models for the world's languages using finite-state technology
  • Models or analysis of psycholinguistic, experimental results
  • Morpheme identification and word segmentation
  • Machine transliteration, back-transliteration, G2P, P2G
  • Speech science or technologies relating to phonetics or phonology
  • Analysis or exploitation of multilingual, multi-dialectal, or diachronic data
  • Integration of morphology, phonology, phonetics, or finite-state methods with other NLP tasks
  • Tools, resources and finite-state manipulation software

09.12.2013    We are pleased to announce that Jason Eisner  will be our invited speaker. 
18.03.2014    The submission deadline is extended to 28 March 2014, 23:59 EDT
16.05.2014    The workshop program is available.