A vicarious traveller’s guide to Morocco

2nd January - 26 January 2008

'Be unprepared' is the motto of documentary photo- journalist Megan Cullen, who arrived in Morocco with a suitcase, high heels and  a bottle of Moet.

After failing to make any high school sports team, Megan decided her time was much better spent off the oval, locked in a dark room. her sports teachers agreed. megan's  passion for photography has since lead her out of brisbane, and in to  the world. she still hates netball.  

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Journalist  Sam Davies has had more lukewarm dinners with persecuted minorities than you've had hot dinners.


Among those he remembers  most fondly are the Laotian Hill Tribe whose deputy-chief he inadvertently killed; the Berber boys from the Atlas Mountains who perilously retrieved him from a cliff top; and the Masai warriors who should him, once and for all, that white men can't jump.

Samboozled: Little Misadventures

















Living a life of travel to exotic destinations might not always be shits and giggles...


but it mostly is; and if you have ever had diarrhoea in such awkward circumstances that you’ve laughed yourself even sicker about it, this website is for you.

So lean back in your office chair, close your Facebook page, and prepare to travel vicariously.

Sam Davies and  Megan Cullen   present: Morocco-a-go-go.

 Marrakech market madness

Judgement daze

arrested development

Local fashion magic

Riding the camel toe

Saharan Hot Nights

Conga drums the 2008 MUST HAVE 

Leaving Africa