Morningstar Royal Friesians
We have both Friesians and Fell ponies!

The Friesian horse, an ancient breed, exemplifies the exterior traits that we love about equine beauty.
With their pure black coat (with exception to a white star found on the head of some), high-set neck with outstanding crest, the broad chest with lightly accentuated croup, and relatively small head and ears, they have amazing presence, a stunningly luxuriant mane and the extra-long tail. During performances these features combine with the feathers and the low set of the tail to emphasize the breed's powerful and elastic gait. The aristocratic appearance is accentuated by the big expressive eyes, with a fine head carried high on an elegant and nicely curved neck.Friesian beauty is more than skin-deep. Its easy-going temperament makes him a great companion to riders of all ages. The breed is honest and willing to please.