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Light Through an Eastern Window

by Bishop K. C. Pillai, D.D.




Product Code: Pillai1 (List price: $40.00) ISBN: 0831500573

Paperback: xiv plus 129 pages; Original Publisher: Speller & Sons, Publishers, 1963 

Light Through an Eastern Window was written by The Right Reverend Bishop Karnam C. Pillai, D.D. (1901-1970). Bishop Pillai was Bishop of the Indian Orthodox Church, Antiochean Succession, Chennai (Madras) India, and then was sent on Special Mission to America to acquaint Christians about Orientalisms in the Bible. His work was interdenominational, and he was widely acclaimed as America's foremost authority on the Eastern Culture of the Bible. Church Management reviewed the book: "...of great interest to the Bible scholar as well as to the layman. Bishop Pillai, with loving patience, interprets for us of the West. His examples are crystal clear. I recommend it to you." The Baptist Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention well described this classic book: "Very interesting and helpful information, which the Ordinary American would never discover. This book acquaints the reader with Eastern customs, prevalent in Scriptures. The customs often are shown to have automatic, hidden-to-the-westerner, meanings which the author utilizes to point out Scriptural meanings which would otherwise escape us. Customs which are discussed, together with appropriate Scriptures, are: Marriage, the Salt Covenant, Childbirth, the Rearing of Children, Death and Burials, Laws and Justice, The Woman at the Well, Plants and Trees, Agriculture and Herding, Idioms, Sacrifices, and the Canopy. Ministers will find this overflowing with illustration material. Any layman interested in Bible study will profit from this study, and find it not only illuminating but very interesting. Teachers will love this! Every preacher can benefit from it. Recommended." Together published: "I have found an unusual Bible study help in this book, in which Indian Orthodox Bishop K. C. Pillai explains Bible passages in the light of Oriental customs." Rev. Norman Vincent Peale commented about the book: "I have now read your wonderful little book; I find it packed full of insights which will be very helpful to me. I shall commend it wherever I can." Every divinity school  teacher and student must have this Homiletic book as well as every Pastor seeking new ideas for his sermons, as well as all laymen interested in Biblical traditions and people who examine the spiritual dimension within secular societies in Cross-Cultural Studies.



Truman and the Russians

by Herbert Druks, Ph.D.

Jon P. Speller (Editor)





 Product Code: Druks (List Price: $40.00) ISBN: 0831501839

 Paperback: xii plus 303 pages; Original Publisher: Speller & Sons, Publishers, 1981

Truman and the Russians is by Herbert Druks, Ph.D., eminent American scholar, professor, and author.  Noted Professor of Political Science at The City College of the City University of New York Ivo Duchacek said that this scholarly book "is a vivid account of an almost continuous tension and confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in Asia and in Europe during the last eight years of Stalin's Russia...The eight years shook the world out of its wishful thinking about Russia; and thanks to Harry S. Truman they also shook the United States out of its l50 year old isolationist dream in peacetime. In this context, the author views Truman's impact on the United States foreign policy as revolutionary...As the author explains, Truman's major decisions naturally reflected his own personality, his bold insights and his limitations...This book, based on a through research, has been enlivened by double-checks that include interviews with Harry S. Truman himself, W. Averell Harriman, Samuel I. Rosenman and General Frank L. Howley. Double-checks on Dr. Druks extremely high level of accuracy were also made off the record by the book's Editor, Jon P. Speller, based upon information known to such US Intelligence veterans who were active during the Truman Administration as Col. William Heimlich, USAF, and Dr. R. H. Powley. Truman and the Russians served as an important work during the Cold War to objectively clarify the true role of President Harry S. Truman's Presidency, a role that had been too often enmeshed in largely artificial politically based controversies. Foreign Affairs termed the book: " A scholarly survey of President Truman's major confrontations with Stalin." Revue Francaise de Science Politique  described Truman and the Russians: "A concise and well-documented analysis of President Truman's foreign policy from 1945 to 1952 with particular reference to United States-Russian relations. Herbert Druks shows how the foreign policy of President Truman moved America away from its traditional isolationism..." Professor Druks' book must be read by anyone who is seriously interested in the genesis of relations between the United States and the Russian Federation today.