Morning Star Press Catalog Addenda

August 2008 

Some Morning Star Press Titles in process of being inventoried or to be scheduled for new printing:

Aguinaldo, General Emilio and Vicente Albano Pacis, A Second Look at America
Alford, Congressman Dale, The Constitutional Crisis 
Alwan, Mohamed, Algeria Before the United Nations
Annesley, Michael (pseudonm of Capt. Frederick Annesley Mitchell Webster) Fenton of the Foreign Office
Basdevant, Denise, Against Tide and Tempest: the Story of Rumania
Bateman, John, Loch Ness Conspiracy
Beck, Colonel Jozef, Final Report
Berzins, Alfreds, The Two Faces of Co-Existence
Berzins, Alfreds, (Introduction by Senator Thomas J. Dodd), The Unpunished Crime
Birdwell, Russell, Mount Horeb
Birdwood, Field Marshal Lord, (Introduction by Sir Winston Churchill) Khaki and Gown
Bloch, Jean-Richard,  As Spain Goes 
Bowers, Lessie, Plantation Recipes
Burks, Lt. Col. Arthur J., U.S.M.C. (using pseudonym "Burke MacArthur), Rivers into Wilderness 
Carnes, Cecil, Union Edition of John L. Lewis 
Choulguine, Alexander, Ukraine Against Moscow
Coleman, Donald C., Woodworking Factbook
Comte, August, A General View of Positivism
Crayton, Spurgeon E., Screams of Protest
Delmonte, Diana, Dynamics in the Arts 
de Lys, Claudia, Ph.D., To Be or Not to Be a Virgin
de Lys, Claudia, Ph.D., A Treasury of Parenthood and Its Folklore
Der Ling, H.I.H. Princess, Jades and Dragons
Dorcy, Jean, and Essays by Etienne Decroux, Jean-Louis Barrault, and Marcel Marceau (Translated from the French by Robert Speller, Jr. and Pierre de Fontnouvelle) (Preface by Professor Jean Hytier, Columbia University), The Mime
Druks, Herbert, Ph.D., From Truman Through Johnson: A Documentary History 
Druks, Herbert, Ph.D., The City in Western Civilization 
Druks, Herbert, Ph.D., The Failure to Rescue
Druks, Herbert, Ph.D., The U.S. and Israel, 1945-1973 
Dunsdorfs, Edgars, D.Ec., The Baltic Dilemma: The case of the de jure recognition by Australia of the incorporation of the Baltic States into the Soviet Union
Eby, Gordon M., (Introduction by Milton J. Cross) "From the Beauty of Embers: (A Musical Aftermath)
Egert, B. P., The Conflict Between the United States and Russia 
Ender, Dr. Otto and Dr. Hans Huebmer, Chancellor Before the Cataclysm
Epstein, Sam, Peter Platypus (illustrated by Bob Montana), Peter Platypus 
Flapan, I. M. Say It with Words 
Frooks, Dorothy, Lady Lawyer
Glaskow, Wasili G., History of the Cossacks
Gonatas, General Stylianos, Greece in the Twentieth Century, The Autobiography of a Greek Patriot
Gordin, Morris, Power of Evil 
Gwynne, Erskine, Paris Pandemonium 
Haddad, George M., Revolutions and Military Rule in the Middle East, Vol. I: The Northern Tier
Haddad, George M., Revolutions and Military Rule in the Middle East, Vol. II: The Arab States
Haddad, George M., Revolutions and Military Rule in the Middle East, Vol. III The Arab States 
Harrar, E. S., Ph.D., Sc.D Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. I
Harrar, E. S., Ph. D., ScD. Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. II
Harrar, E.S., Ph.D., Sc.D., Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. III
Harrar, E. S., Ph.D., Sc.D. Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. IV
Harrar, E. S., Ph.D., Sc.D., Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. VII
Harrar, E. S., Ph.D., Sc.D., and F. W. White, M.F., Hough's Encyclopaedia of American Woods (text) Vol. VIII
Hersey, Harold Brainerd, Margaret Sanger, The Biography of the Birth Control Pioneer
Higashi-Kuni, H.I.H. Prince Naruhiko, Wayward Solitude
Holliday, Carl, Abraham Lincoln in Heaven 
Ingham, Robert, The Dowager Empress Marie of Russia on Malta 
Kimball, Lorenzo Kent, Ph.D., The Changing Pattern of Political Power in Iraq, 1958-1971
Kirschbaum, Joseph M., (Preface by Congressman Alvin M. Bentley), Slovakia: Nation at the Crossroads of Central Europe
Klonis, N. I. (pseudonym of Lt. Col. Nicholas J. Clones, US Air Force), Guerrilla Warfare: Analysis & Projections
Koenigil, Dr. Mark, Movies in Society: Sex, Crime and Censorship
Koht, Halvdan, Education of an Historian
Leaska, Mitchell A., The Voice of Tragedy
Lettow-Vorbeck, General Paul von, East African Campaigns
Levine, Laurence W., U.S. China Relations
Lininger, Brig. Gen. Clarence Lininger, (Foreword by Lt. Gen. Cornelius W. Wickersham), The Best War at the Time
MacArthur, Burke (see Burks, Lt. Col. Arthur J. USMC)
Martinez Dalmau, The Most Reverend Eduardo, D.D., C.P., Titular Bishop of Theuzi, A Study On The Synoptic Gospels
Muir, Edwin, Sir Walter Scott and Scotland 
Nanwashvili, Captain Vane Jan, General Staff, The Strength and weakness of the U.S.S.R.
Nordicus (pseudonym) Hitlerism: The Iron Fist in Germany
O'Conor, John F., Translation and Commentary, The Sokolov Investigation of the Alleged Murder of the Russian Imperial Family
Oddo, Gilbert L., Ph.D., (Introduction by Prof. Lev E. Dobriansky, Georgetown University), Slovakia and Its People
Paleologue, Maurice, Three Critical Years (1904-05-06)
Palmstierna, Baron Erik, Character Studies and Silhouettes
Paneth, Philip, Eichmann: Technician of Death
Pease, Major Frank, Pole to Panama 
Peel, Derek, (Foreword by Hector Bolitho), A Pride of Potters
Petrov-Skitalez, E. (Translated by John F. O'Conor), The Kronstadt Thesis
Riis, Commander Sergius M., Yankee Komisar
Rivolier, Jean, Emperor Penguins
Rothbart, Harold A., Ph.D., Cybernetic Creativity
Rudinsky, Father Joseph F., D.D., LL.D., The Challenge of the Steppes: Roots of the Cold War
Schuyler, Philippa Duke (Introduction by Deems Taylor), Adventures in Black and Whi
Schuyler, Philippa Duke and Josephine Schuyler, The Kingdom of Dreams
Seoane, Rhoda Low, The Whole Armor
Shandruk, General Pavlo, Arms of Valor
Shedaker, Kathleen E., Microgenepools Research Monograph 
Shibeika, Professor Mekki, The Independent Sudan: The History of a Nation
Siff, Elliott J., M.S. and Claude L. Emmerich, D.Sc. (Foreword by C. S. Draper, Sc.D.), An Engineering Approach to Gyroscopic Instruments
Simeon, Metropolitan, Bulgarian Orthodox Church Archdiocese of Western and Central Europe, God's Grace in the Spiritual Life of the Church Shepherd
Singh of Patiala, H.H. Raja Mrigendra, The Classical Foundations of Sikh Theological Philosophy 
Speller, Florence C,, Garden Clubs: Their Activities and Organization 
Smith, Dorcey, Maximum Learning in Minimum Time
Soustelle, Jacques, A New Road for France
Speller, Jon P., Cyclopedia of American Genealogy, Vol. I
Speller, Jon P., Cyclopedia of American Genealogy, Vol. II
Speller, Jon P., The Panama Canal: Heart of America's Security
Speller, Jon P. and Kathleen Shedaker, The American Dynasty Database: "Million Heirs and Heiresses" 
Taborsky, Edward, Communist Penetration of the Third World
Thatcher, Maurice Hudson, Autobiography in Poetry
Tokoi, Oskari, Sisu: Even Through a Stone Wall
Valahu, Mugur. The Katanga Circus.
Dorothy Waring, American Defender 
Wheeler, Benson, as told to, I, Becky Barrymore Illustrated by Lionel Barrymore
Williams, Charles W., Creative Freedom
Williams, Charles W., Direction: The Essential Dimension
Wrangel, General Baron Peter N., (Introduction by Herbert Hoover), Always With Honour
Yost, Ambassador Charles, The Age of Triumph and Frustration: Modern Dialogues
Zaremba, Joseph, Ph.D., Economics of the American Lumber Industry
Zimmer, Maude Files, A Time to Remember
Zimmer, Maude Files, A Village So Small
Zimmer, Maude Files, Door Without a Lock
Zinn, Ricardo, Argentina: A Nation at the Crossroads of Myth and Reality