Welcome to the Morningside Parent Club Website.  We hope you find all the information you need about Parent Club.  If you have any questions, they can be sent to the Morningside Parent Club.
 June 7th is the school BBQ. It would be great if you could volunteer to serve, as well as join your child for Lunch this day. There are three lunch schedules open for 12 Volunteers. Contact Claire K to sign up!
We are looking for 20 Volunteers to help out on June 11th for the Field Day.  This should be a great opportunity to have a lot of fun with the kids. Contact Claire K to sign up!
Morningside is having our Annual Used Book Sale Friday June 7th. If you are interested in donating books for this fun event please drop them off in our Used Book Sale bin that is located right by our Main office here at Morningside.
Adult level books can be donated and will be exchanged for school age books at a local book store.
Thank you to all the Parent's who are able to contribute and participate in Parent Club.
Last Updated March 3, 2011   9:02 am PST