An every day story of barmy folk.......

February 2000


We rented a villa (3711 Kent Drive) in Queens Park – a Deed Restricted Community) and returned to Naples, with mom, for a two-week holiday.  The agent who'd rented it to us (Thilo) rang to see if everything was OK.  Being a smarty pants I said it was better than OK and when could we buy it.  Thilo immediately saw the opportunity and said "Yours isn't for sale but there's one for sale a few houses down by a 'friend of mine'".  We viewed the house and so began the process of buying it.  How crackers is that - no real idea of prices, areas other property on the market.  It is so unlike us.


April 2000


[mom sitting out on our lanai - usually from dawn to dusk!]

We returned (with mom) for the closing on 3652.  The owners allowed us to stay in the house prior to the closing – so we had a few days there 'on holiday' before it became ours.  The rest of our timein Naples was spent in our very own house!


August 2000


I came back with D for a great, giggly, girlie holiday. 


October 2000


Unable to resist its lure at half term I came back again and stayed for two weeks on my own.  I surprised myself by not being nervous about all of this - possibly because D and I had managed to travel, collect hire car and survive it didn't seem all that daunting - and wasn't.  Had a lovely relaxing time doing just what I wanted to do without having to consider anyone else.  The luxury of pure selfishness.



December 2000


Mom, Ken and I returned for a long hot Christmas break.  We stayed 27 days.  We had to leave the beach on Christmas Day because it was too hot.  We were all new to the novelty of late December being hot and had dressed in reasonable weight clothes to go to the beach.  After an hour of watching everyone else in swimsuits we rolled down our trousers and left.  I am pleased but surprised how remarkably easy it is to settle into just ‘living’ here rather than holidaying. I'm not sure if this can be attributed to my nomad nature or the magic of this particular place.  It seems to fit me like (a very well-worn) glove.



[mom and Ken at Lowdermilk Park sharing a glorious Naples sunset]