Wing Lists

T'rial's Wing

Wingleader T'rial
rider of bronze Draveth
Wingsecond D'mien, rider of bronze Amointh
Wingsecond M'kar, rider of brown Alioth
Wingrider Aliva, rider of green Irelbeth

Wingrider Ardis, rider of green Sanrith

Wingrider Ayrabel, rider of green Inith

Wingrider Ch'tiron, rider of brown Darienth

Wingrider Celes, rider of green Liseth

Wingrider G'llyn, rider of blue Kynelleth

Wingrider K'raina, rider of blue Vereth

Wingrider Katanya, rider of green Jalinth

Wingrider Kethry, rider of green Lirienth

Wingrider Maenci, rider of blue Xerenth

Wingrider Maigalynn, rider of green Valoreth

Wingrider Seregorn, rider of green Nirith

Wingrider Sivonna, rider of green Linueth

Wingrider T'lekin, rider of blue Temath

Wingrider T'mar, rider of brown Kayth

Wingrider T'pal, rider of bronze Keth

V'lderian's Wing

Weyrleader V'lderian
rider of bronze Ruavoth
Wingsecond A'taryn, rider of brown Cameth
Wingsecond C'sin, rider of bronze Bakarith
Wingrider Al'var, rider of brown Ernth

Wingrider Cyvarel, rider of green Farsynth

Wingrider D'revan, rider of blue Ulairith

Wingrider G'ron, rider of bronze Solith

Wingrider Jylanna, rider of green Arilynth

Wingrider K'lysta, rider of blue Kalianth

Wingrider Katiny, rider of green Meranaith

Wingrider Lyra, rider of green Aleith
Wingrider N'reana, rider of blue Reganith

Wingrider S'gev, rider of blue Caneth

Wingrider S'shir, rider of brown Imigeth

Wingrider S'rael, rider of green Zireth

Wingrider T'ron, rider of blue Tolenth

Wingrider Takayzi, rider of green Mikath

Wingrider Tara, rider of green Jayth

Wingrider Trinity, rider of green Balith

J'rek's Wing

Wingleader J'rek
rider of brown Tyineth
Wingsecond S'varr, rider of brown Kihalth
Wingsecond R'dyn, rider of bronze Kaelth
Wingrider A'sher, rider of green Sintembreth

Wingrider Al'ria, rider of blue Piqueth

Wingrider D'lis, rider of brown Tueth

Wingrider Jamsin, rider of green Tarkenath

Wingrider K'dan, rider of bronze Saith

Wingrider K'sien, rider of blue Miroth

Wingrider Karinna, rider of green Mauranth

Wingrider Kenelas, rider of green Faileth

Wingrider L'rianna, rider of blue Sanorith

Wingrider Misura, rider of green Sanereth

Wingrider R'mar, rider of bronze Ath

Wingrider Sierra, rider of green Adriath

Wingrider Tariana, rider of green Vanith

Wingrider Yseult, rider of green Nysanth

Wingrider Zianna, rider of blue Lirenth

The Queens' Wing

Weyrwoman Alea
rider of gold Resanth
Junior Weyrwoman Kira, rider of gold Somnolenth
Junior Weyrwoman Shevra, rider of gold Kirith

Weyrling Wing

Fully graduated, but not yet assigned to a wing, these young riders are a wing of their own.

Weyrlingmaster Jh'mar
rider of brown Sirreth
Weyrlingmaster Second D'haan, rider of bronze Varanth
Double Delight will go here in August/September 2008 after their graduation