Our Origins

In answer to questions of how Morlevan was started....

We do have a tiny little acknowledgment near the bottom of the first page of our website, but if you've never read that, or if you weren't around in 1999, then here's the story of Morlevan Weyr as I know it.

Once upon a time I got an email out of the blue from The Weyrleader. It told the story of this new Pern role-playing game that was being started, gave a few ground rules and invited me to join. I'd never even heard of Pern fandom prior to that day and have no idea who the picked my name out of all the names on AOL.

So I joined and created a character, Alea. And started writing. And Impressed a gold.

The Weyrleaders, L'saaric and Damacea were open, friendly, and two of the best writers I've ever read. (All of the NPC players with full descriptions on our website were created by them.) They were incredibly knowledgeable about Pern and running a Weyr. Although we've changed a lot of what they created due to Ms. McCaffrey's and her publisher's rules, this is, for all intents and purposes, the Weyr they created.

L'saaric and Damacea had obviously been in fandom for some time and were well-versed in running a Weyr and recruited some of their friends and fellow players to join Morlevan.

Sometime prior to Thanksgiving 1999, L'saaric-player and Damacea-player (who were a real life couple) disappeared. We struggled along without them and some of us wondered what we would do without them. We had a short email from Damacea explaining that her mother was gravely ill and they would not be online for the foreseeable future.

By that time, I was in love with Pern fandom and Morlevan in particular. I wrote to everyone and asked them to please not let the Weyr die. We formed a Board of Directors and I found players on whom I could depend for ideas, advice, expertise, and willingness to work. We went on. We held mating flights, recruited new members, learned from our mistakes, and moved on.

I still miss L'saaric and Damacea. They had information on their original Morlevan website I would love to have back (like the Hatching Song I wrote). But they're gone. After struggling along with NPC Weyrleaders for over a year, we sadly wrote L'saaric and Damacea out of the storyline. It was just to hard to operate a Weyr with NPCs running the place.

Anyway, that's how it got started-- I can't and won't take the credit. Thanks for asking!

Clear skies!