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Kirith's first clutch has hatched and
we have a new class of weyrlings

The Newest Weyrlings

* Jyovanne, rider of gold Voth

* Naminde, rider of gold Erith

* J'fa, rider of bronze Fairoth

* J'ven, rider of brown Daneth

* T'ssad, rider of blue Alanth

* Anlara, rider of green Sareth

* Roinda, rider of green Ryneth

In Remembrance of those riders who have gone *between* for all time:
Aerica, rider of green Corvath
Attaya, rider of green Razath
Amylin, rider of green Corith
B'zel, rider of blue Quiyrth
Cassila, rider of green Visith
C'yrital, rider of brown Orlaniketh
D'kal, rider of brown Hulth
Enala, rider of green Sulnarith
J'con, rider of bronze Tenith
J'dan, rider of brown Quoyeth
J'nus, rider of brown Xellanth
J'sell, rider of blue Rayeth
Kalevi, rider of green Anith
Kali, rider of blue Tiamath
Katli, rider of green Ilyeth
Laena, rider of green Ysmith
K'leb, rider of brown Triveth
K'mar, rider of brown Brianth
Korvena, rider of green, Aesmyth
K'stuk, rider of blue Erkyth
K'tani, rider of blue Miroth
K'than, rider of blue Duilliuth
Lania, rider of green Airismyth
Liss, rider of green Anandath
Lorisa, rider of green Breasith
Lynliss, rider of green Talith
Miera, rider of green Sezifeth
Marala, rider of blue Skith
M'drin, rider of blue Syreth
M'ki, rider of blue Zilenth
M'reana, rider of blue Ciaranth
M'taru, rider of brown Sumreth
Nali, rider of green Xeynth
Sehsha, rider of green Mith
Sheele, rider of green Enpath
Nevaeh, rider of blue Araleth
N'rik, rider of green Danath
P'thalas, rider of blue Trilenth
R'yall, rider of bronze Chaneth
Rynna, rider of green Ariath
Sarama, rider of green Alarth
Shalia, rider of green Writh
Teana, rider of green Daileth
T'gan, rider of brown Norenth
T'lain, rider of blue Jyerth
T'yri, rider of blue Carelith
V'ril, rider of brown Pasarth

- Between dragons and firelizards, we have plenty of greens. Schedule a flight today!

- Stay tuned for this and more...

- Got some gossip I missed? Send it to your Weyrwoman, Thanks!

Top Ten Ways to Impress a Metallic Dragon

How to get a gold (or bronze) dragon:


(Please note: This is intended to be *sarcastic*, not serious, but if you WANT a dragon, please take heed and act/post accordingly!!)

1. Never write.

2. Don't develop your character, just wait for the hatching and your glorious Impression.

3. Don't get to know the others in the storyline, after all, once you have your gold/bronze, they'll all come to you!

4. Be obnoxious, arrogant, petty, angry, vengeful IC as well as OOC... etc.

5. Create a character that's just like every other one in the Weyr -- the gold/bronze will find you anyway.

6. Argue with your Weyrleaders -- after all, they have nothing to do with what dragon you'll get!

7. Don't pay attention to the details -- there's not real problem with a 20 foot tall runnerbeast or your new Klingon roommate! None! Anne McCaffrey meant to include them in MasterHarper, she just ran out of time.

8. Don't read your Weyr mail.

9. Don't know what your character is supposed to be doing. Don't correct your mistakes when they're pointed out to you -- keep making them or ignore them!

10. Don't write for your character -- don't bother to develop his/her personality, don't get involved in Weyr activities, don't let us see/get to know your candidate... After all, there aren't very many gold and bronze eggs in a clutch and Morlevan has small clutches since we're in an Interval. Ask yourself, why we'd give one of these precious few metallics to someone who hasn't demonstrated their ability to develop a character or storyline?