Morlevan NPCs

(Characters listed on this page are Weyr NPCs and are not available for adoption.)

The Weyrfolk

Once L'saaric's "right-hand man," veteran dragonrider S'varr serves as one of Morlevan's most experienced riders. Stoic and blunt, (diplomacy is not a part of his personal vocabulary), S'varr is a dragonman of the old school. One of the Weyr's growing number of brownriders, S'varr is bonded to Kihalth, a sturdy, even-tempered brown who does his best to counteract his weyrmate's unsocial ways. A rugged, powerfully built man, over six feet in height, S'varr towers over most others in the Weyr. Coarse blonde hair is cropped short in a no-nonsense cut, and dour blue eyes are, (more often than not), fixing an errant weyrling with a withering glare.

Sedaren arrived at the Weyr at the request of MasterHealer Pirsoman and is now the Weyr's only Masterhealer following Pirsoman's return to Healer Hall. He, like his sister Cyvarel, inherited his good looks from his mother, but his hair and eye colour are from his father. With his unruly fawn and copper hair and deep brown eyes, he is much sought after by women, young and old alike. He had his heart broken a turn or so ago, and is still suffering the aftereffects. He has straight, strong features and looks a little like Cyvarel. He is tall and strong with a fine bone structure and has natural poise. The young MasterHealer has 'renounced' his old ways and applied himself to his work with what some say is too much enthusiasm. Despite his sister's efforts to cheer him up he remains rather solitary and has been losing weight of late.

The oldest member of the surviving dragonriders of Morlevan, B'ren retired from active duty more than a few Turns ago. Determined to serve his Weyr, and aid them in any way he can, he was Morlevan's WeyrlingMaster up until recently, and is still a major resource for the current Weyrlingmaster team. Elderly Dath is the venerable brown dragon that has been bonded to B'ren since the day of his hatching, some fifty-four Turns past. As patient and kindly as his weyrmate, Dath has been instrumental in encouraging the young weyrlings in their care. Small and wiry, and still spry despite his advancing years, B'ren's undaunting spirit more than makes up for his failing health. His thinning hair has long since turned white, and his faded grey eyes still gleam with intelligence and humor.

Always ready with a quick joke or a well-timed jibe, K'sien does his best, (at least according to K'sien), to bolster the Weyr's morale. The quality of his jokes being a questionable issue, (at least according to everyone else), his success is often in doubt. Thoughtful and sensitive, Miroth is K'sien's unlikely lifemate, a small blue dragon who serves as a foil for his partner's exuberant pranks. Gifted with an unerring instinct for finding Candidates, Miroth has established a reputation as an excellent Search dragon. A man of medium height and build, K'sien's golden-brown hair curls around his hair in an unruly mop. Dark brown eyes glint with a thousand (thankfully untold) jokes, and a wide, cheerful smile is often spread across his face.

When the shy, redheaded Talina stood diffidently upon the Hatching Grounds, half hiding behind the other Candidates some seven Turns ago, she had little idea that she was soon to become T'lina - a bluerider, bonded to a fighting dragon of Pern! Nalth, a solid, well-grown blue is her lifemate -- in T'lina's words, "devoted, daring, and dashing!" High-strung and excitable, Nalth benefits from the quiet, steady presence of his rider. A thin, athletic girl, T'lina's thick, shoulder-length hair is a bright, ginger red. A victim of perpetually fair skin, a cluster of vivid freckles is spattered across the bridge of her nose. Her hazel eyes are clear and clear-sighted.


Half-sister to the original Weyrleader, L'saaric, Sivonna conspired with her brother to "kidnap" their father from his Hold, bringing him safely through time -- away from the plague. Careless and carefree, few are left uncharmed by Sivonna's winsome ways. Dainty green Linueth, to whom Sivonna was Impressed despite her father's displeasure, is as affectionate and open as her lifemate. Flirtatious and coy, Linueth shows a decided preference for brown Kihalth....despite her rider's initial opinion of S'varr. Time and circumstances overcame the couple's antagonism. The two have been weyrmates for several Turns and are the parents of a bouncing baby boy, Callon, who looks a great deal like his father. Possessing the distinctive small stature and fair coloring of her notorious sire, Sivonna is small and delicately built. Her hair, a blonde so pale as to nearly be white, flows past her waist -- a vanity she can't bear to be rid of, though most dragonriders crop their hair short. Caldoran
When nineteen-Turn-old (now 24) Journeyman Harper Caldoran walked the tables at Harper Hall, he was delighted to learn that he would be sent to Morlevan Weyr, to learn under the Weyrsinger there. Being around dragons was all he'd dreamed it would be.... Until the plague came. Tall and thin, Cal is only now beginning to grow out of his adolescent gawkiness. With jet-black hair, dark eyes, and a long, angular face noted for being distinctive rather than handsome, he suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Though he's never regretted his decision to become a Harper, Caldoran can't help but feel a small but constant spark of envy for the dragonriders -- an emotion he's secretly ashamed of.

Graced with good looks, natural charm, and a deep, rich singing voice, Weyrsinger Nevan is the epitome, (in his and many others' opinion), of all that a Harper should be. Chestnut hair falls past his shoulders in thick, coppery waves, and his bright, compelling eyes are a deep, brilliant blue. A craftmaster with a flair for the dramatic, ballads are his specialty -- and his velvety baritone has won the hearts of many a lass. Though his reputation as a rover was well-earned, Nevan's heart has since been won by his weyrmate, Jessany. Their son, Nasan is his pride and joy. In the days before he and Jessany were married, Nevan also fathered bronzerider Sh'don.

Though born and bred in Morlevan Weyr, Jessany was never destined to be a dragonrider. Terrified since childhood of the horrific Thread injuries she helped her mother treat, she refused to stand upon the Hatching Ground - though when her little sister T'lina Impressed, she cheered her on with all her heart. Gifted with the curves her slim, athletic sister never had, Jess was too levelheaded to turn into the flirt she could have too easily become. Thick, red-brown hair is most often tied back in a thick braid that falls past her waist, and pleasant hazel eyes keep a watchful, (if good-natured), vigil over her kitchens and weyr. Headwoman of Morlevan, Jessany's responsibilities rest heavy on her shoulders -- a strain sometimes relieved, (and sometimes aggravated), by her loving weyrmate, Nevan and two mischievous flitters. As if she didn't have enough to do, she also cares for her foster-daughter, Kelia. Several Turns ago, she relented and fostered her son Nasan with another of the Weyr's women and has found a bit of free time for herself.

An affectionate young lad, Nasan has easily charmed his way into the hearts of his birth parents, Jessany and Nevan. With a mop of chestnut hair and an irrepressible grin, his mother dreaded the day she would have to foster him off to another woman, but once it arrived she found she enjoyed being able to spend more time with her husband.

At Morlevan Hold

Serene and self-possessed, Masterhealer Elora has never lost her composure -- not even when the plague was ravaging its way through the countryside, sending countless of her patients to their deaths.

A strong-willed woman of mild temperament, Elora is attractive still, though in her middle years. Long, greying brown hair falls to her shoulders in a sensible bob, and large, owlish grey eyes regard the world through an unruffled calm. At the Weyrleaders' insistence, she has elected to stay in the Hold rather than the Weyr.... The better to look after Lord Lucaren.