Morlevan Guide

Dragons and Riders

There are certain limitations as to which genders may be Impressed by certain types of dragons. These are Ms. McCaffrey's own rules for Pern-based RPGs and we will not deviate from them.

Gold - Women only

Bronze - Men only

Brown - Men only

Blue - Men and women almost equally

Green - Usually women, occasionally homosexual or bisexual men

Note that Gold dragons are always Impressed by women, while Bronzes and Browns are always Impressed by men -- there will be no exceptions. Blue dragons may be Impressed by either men or women, while Green dragons generally prefer to bond with women rather than men. Greens will occasionally Impress to a man, though with the availability of female Candidates, this has become increasingly rare.

Impressing a Dragon

As every fan of Pern knows, some dragons are considered more prestigious than others. The magnificent Gold and Bronze dragons are the leaders of the Weyr -- the largest, and most rare, of dragonkind. This being the case, it must be understood that not everyone can be bonded to a golden queen dragon, or a large and powerful bronze.

Of course, many people find the lesser-known dragons more intriguing, as they were rarely dealt with within Ms. McCaffrey's stories. Brown and Blue dragons may seem more appealing to those who wish free reign with their creativity, while the dainty Greens -- the only other female dragons beyond the Queens -- have always been portrayed with memorable personalities. Still, many people automatically wish to have their characters Impress the most prestigious dragons: The mighty Golds and Bronzes.

With many people wanting to Impress, not everyone can be so fortunate as to have their character bond to these rare dragons. For example, if there are only two bronze hatchlings in a clutch -- and six people have stated their desire to Impress a bronze -- then, obviously, four of them are going to have to settle for a dragon of a different color.

The Hatching

Morlevan Weyr typically has only one or two clutches per year. We're in an Interval and, with no Thread expected, the need isn't as great for dragons. Actual Hatchings will be announced well ahead of time so that all who wish to may participate by creating characters and writing about their 'Search.' Please bear in mind that NO SEARCH RIDERS WILL BE SENT OUT UNTIL THERE IS A CLUTCH ON THE SANDS!

At the Hatching itself, all of the Candidates will be dressed in the traditional white garb of those who are about to Impress, and will be led out to the heated sands of the Hatching Ground. The Weyrleaders will be in attendance as will most of the Lord Holders, Master Craftsmen and other neighboring visitors. Since our hatchings take place in email, as do the rest of our writings, we will have our hatching for a weekend to allow plenty of time for most people to post about this life-changing event. Each candidate who Impresses will receive an email with the hatching of his or her hatchling decrsibed right up to the moment of Impression. From that point, the hatchling is his or her NPC to play. Those candidates who do not Impress will also be notified.

The color of your character's dragon will be selected based upon the preferences you stated in your application, as well as other factors such as your participation in the storyline. Stated preferences do not give anyone an added advantage when it comes to the color of their hatchling. Just because someone says that they want a bronze, doesn't mean they'll necessarily be Impressed by a bronze. If someone, for instance, stated that they wanted the gold and nothing else... they'd have an equal chance of being selected to Impress the gold, but would have no advantage over anyone else. If they did not Impress the gold, that person would be left having Impressed no dragon at all.

The Board of Directors decides who gets what colors and we discuss the assignments at length, weighing the preferences of the player. While not everyone will receive their first choice, it's important to remember any dragon would be a wonderful gift to a Pernese.

In assigning gold dragons, which are very rare here at Morlevan Weyr, we will give preference to those players who show promise through their quantity and quality of posts, storyline ideas and creation, and participation AND those who DO NOT already have a gold dragon in another Weyr.

The dragonets will hatch -- described by the players of the Weyrleaders, who will be playing the unImpressed hatchlings until they match up with their bondmates -- and will automatically search for their partner. It will be made clear what color each hatchling is, and which person the hatchling is trying to reach. Once that person has Impressed, the playing of the hatchling immediately becomes that person's responsibility. The dragon is forever after your NPC, yours to play, and yours to post about. Impression is a joyous, deeply emotional event, and we know that the player-characters will be certain to act this out appropriately -- no one can remain emotionally untouched after being joined forever to another living being.

Dragon-Names and Honorifics

As everyone knows, every Pernese dragon knows his or her name from birth, and all such names always end with "--th." For instance: Ramoth, Mnementh, Hath, Orlith. No dragon would ever have a name that differed from that pattern.

Traditionally, Dragonriders were expected to alter their names upon Impression to reflect their new standing. This process was called an "honorific," and involved cropping the vowel out of the first syllable of a person's name. For example, Felessan would become F'lessan, Lytol would become L'tol, and so forth.

However, with such innovations as the inclusion of female dragonriders (women were not required to alter their names) and many folks who have odd names which do not translate well into an honorific form, a compromise has been reached.

The riders of all fighting dragons -- all colors except the golds -- have the option to turn their name into an honorific, whether male or female. Most greenriders choose not to elide their names. In the Roster and Records of Morlevan Weyr, the names of all non-gold dragonriders will, in fact, be listed in their traditional, honorific form. However, for day-to-day use, a dragonrider may choose the name by which they wish to be known -- within reason.


The sandy beaches and temperate climate of the Southern Continent lends itself perfectly to the needs of firelizards -- and clutches can usually be found. When discovered, all firelizard clutches become property of the Weyr. Since the Weyrleaders are generally of the opinion that even a firelizard has the right to choose its own lifemate -- not have it forced upon them, such as would be the case if single eggs were distributed to people -- the Impression of firelizards will be handled in a manner similar to the hatching of dragons-- although some will be given as gifts in rare cases. All firelizard clutches must be handed over to the Weyrleaders for dispersal and no one is allowed to have a clutch or find one without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Once a clutch has been discovered, anyone can request to sign up to be present at the hatching (This is an OOC or out-of-character sign-up), and perhaps Impress a firelizard of their own. All citizens of the Weyr and its nearby Holds have this right -- from drudge to dragonrider, it's first come, first serve. All flitter matters are handled by our current resident "flitter guru," Alea-player.

When the hatching is imminent, all of those who have registered to participate will be notified by mail as to whether their attempt to Impress was successful and what color, if any, they Impressed. Participants will also be notified when the hatching will start so they can prepare to greet their new friend.

The flitter hatching is also played out in email and firelizard Impressions -- unlike the dragons -- will be entirely random.

The only restrictions we have imposed are that no more than two firelizards may be Impressed in one hatching; that no more than five firelizards may be Impressed in total -- it will be unlikely that anyone will be allowed to accumulate so many firelizards -- and no one may have more than one gold or bronze firelizard. At this time, candidates and weyrlings are not eligible for firelizards.