Morlevan Application

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Are you interested in joining us at Morlevan Weyr? There are three ways you can join us. We assume that you have read at least one and preferably more of Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels and are familiar with that world. We also expect you to have read through our FAQs for basic information on Morlevan and PBEM Weyrs. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION THROUGHOUT THIS WEBSITE AND ARE READY TO ABIDE BY IT.

There are several different ways you can join Morlevan Weyr. These include joining as either a Holder, a Crafter or as a member of the Weyr. Should you choose to be a Holder, there are minor holds, cotholds and two major holds to choose from -- or create your own with management's approval! If you wish to open a hold, you will need to apply to the BoD, contact Weyrwoman Alea ( The same goes if you wish to open your own Craft Hall. If not, all crafters of any ranking are welcome. All those applying as Weyrfolk will be residing in Morlevan Weyr itself. If this interests you, please fill out the first two sections of the application below.

The most common way to join us is as a candidate. When a clutch is on the Sands, teams of Search dragons comb the countryside for qualified candidates. Please ask if we expect a clutch soon (unlike some Weyrs, we don't have a Hatching of the Month!) or your potential candidate may have quite a wait ahead. This is not necessarily negative as it gives your plenty of time to establish your character and build relationships. To join as a candidate, simply fill out the application below and send it in. When we have a clutch, we will ask for additional needed information.

Another way to join the storyline is to "adopt" an NPC. These dragonriders/weyrfolks/holders/crafters are characters made by others who could no longer roleplay them or characters which have been created specifically for adoption purposes. Some characters are established and you would need to play their character as they have been created, while others (notable the characters at Harper Hall) have never been played and have only a basic description to channel your creative efforts. If this interests you, please select a character from the list below or the list on the Harper Hall pages of this website, fill out the first sections of the application below and send your information to All adoptables are on a first come - first served basis.

Please answer each question fully on the application, and in as detailed a manner as possible. ***We will ask that any inadequate, inaccurate, or too brief applications be corrected and resubmitted, since this application is vital in helping us to decide in which way your character's talents and abilities will best be utilized in our storyline.*** Please bear in mind that you are not a member of the storyline and do not have posting privileges UNTIL you have received your OFFICIAL welcome letter from the Board of Directors!


* If the Board of Directors asks you to change something in your application, please trust and believe that we have a valid reason for doing so and are not simply being mean. Please do not argue with us and try to convince that because XYZ Weyr does it, we should as well. Not only won't it work, but you're not making a good impression on the people who have the power to decide A) if you get in and B) if you get a dragon. In fact, it's not a good idea to argue with us at any time -- reasonable disagreement is fine and discussion is good. We try very hard to be reasonable and we will always listen, but in the end, our decisions are final.

* We have no Thread at this time. None. The last Threadfall was Turns ago. Unless your character is more than 50 Turns old, he or she will not have seen Thread.

* IMPORTANT: Morlevan Weyr is the only occupied Weyr in our timeline. Please do not 'invent' another Weyr or any riders. And since this is a relatively new Weyr, none of the dragonriders in our Weyr could have a child older than 8 Turns.

* ALSO IMPORTANT: At this time we are not accepting any more colorblind characters, eyes of different colors or other weirdnesses. We're simply overrun. Also, no more dead parents, siblings or significant others. We're trying to minimize overly melodramatic storylines.


* No "perfect" one has a perfect figure, perfect flowing hair, or strong physiques as well as charm, grace, wit, humor and the ability to hurdle tall dragons in a single bound.

* No more "mysterious" characters. I haven't yet seen one played as mysterious. Or extremely shy or anti-social characters -- how do you expect to be able to role play with anyone else if your character is truly played as shy?

* No unnatural hair/eyes matches. Some realism would be the biggest novelty here... No tattoos, no piercings, no goths... this is Pern, not Los Angeles.

* Red hair is so DONE. At this moment, the only way Morlevan would have more redheads is if everyone bred their characters together. That I could believe.

* At present there is one female dragonrider character (Maigalynn - adoptable NPC) who has permission NOT to cut her hair. We are not approving any more long-haired female dragonriders at this time.

ALL OTHER FEMALE DRAGONRIDERS PAST THE FIRST TURN MUST KEEP THEIR HAIR SHORT... Short as in Mila Jovovich in 'Joan of Arc' short, or just slightly longer -- off-the-shoulders short in any case. Guys too. No long hair for dragonriders. It's only RP folks, not real life... how hard can it be?

If your char needs a trim, bluerider G'llyn is one of the folks in the Weyr who does a great job at cutting hair. She's also quite the tramp, so you'll probably get an earful of gossip while you get your locks shorn and no discriminating at all when it comes to male or female.

* Once you join, please be aware that many, many people have done the "sneak onto the Hatching Grounds to visit the eggs" scenario, the klutzy candidate who's always lost in the weyrs, and it gets old fast. Try to find other ways to meet the rest of the players; we friendly and we'd be happy to talk to us, as long as you don't run us over!

* Please SAVE a copy of your application. We ask this for several reasons. You may wish to include your background information in some of your posts. You may forget some of the information. We may experience technical difficulties and need you to send your applications to us again.

* This is a PG-13 rated storyline and those who are not comfortable with storylines which may involve same sex romances / mating flights may wish to look elsewhere for a Weyr to join. This goes for flitters too-- if you play a female character who Impresses a male flitter, you may be involved in a same sex mating flight role play. If you can't handle this type of storyline, please don't apply for a firelizard.

We ask that you please put a considerable amount of effort and detail into your responses. Please feel free to use as much space as you need for your answers. We're looking forward to seeing these examples of your writing!

Section I -- Player Information:

1. Your Name:

2. E-mail address:

3. Age:

4. How did you hear about Morlevan Weyr?:

Section II -- Character Information:

1. Character's Name:

2. Character's age:

3. Gender: ___ Female ___ Male

4. Description: (Describe your character's personality / appearance. Please be detailed!)

5. Character's history: (Please be detailed.) (Remember: none of Anne McCaffrey's places or character names may be used at all!)

6. Please let us know of any family members or friends your character will be using as NPCs. A *brief* description would be helpful also.

7. Occupation: (your character *will* have one prior to becoming a candidate and some of those who do not Impress choose to return to their previous careers. Please bear in mind that Journeymen and Masters will *not* be Searched out of respect for the years of practice they have put into their training. Also, by the time they achieve Journeyman status most would be too old to Impress.)

8. Has your character had any special training? Tell us about it:

Section III -- Dragonrider/Candidate Section:

Do you want to have your character considered for a candidate spot? __ Yes __ No

Please cut and paste this document into an email with complete answers for all pertinent sections and send it to Thank you!

Congratulations, you have completed the application! We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Weyr, and will generally respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Please bear in mind that we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone. IMPORTANT: You are not officially a member of Morlevan Weyr until you receive a 'Welcome' letter from Weyrwoman Alea, or a member of the BoD. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.