Many people have expressed the desire to ride atop one of Anne McCaffrey's marvelous Thread-fighting dragons of Pern! Here is your chance! Morlevan Weyr is a Play-By-Email Weyr established in 1999, approved by the Dragonlady herself in January of 2000, and re-approved by the Kitchen Table staff in 2001 (twice!) We are an active, energetic group of writers, artists, and poets who welcome others seeking to create a small haven for Pern enthusiasts here on Earth.

If you'd like to join us, please read the rest of the information on the following pages and click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete your application for membership. We're always looking for a few more good players!

Morlevan Weyr, and its Holds and Halls, are set in the Alternate 6th Interval. This is about the time of Moreta's ride in the McCaffrey books. In our timeline, we have also experienced a planetwide plague which killed off many people. That plague caused Weyrleaders L'saaric and Damacea to fly forward in time in an effort to escape the devastation of the sickness. They brought the last surviving dragons on Pern with them, as well as a few people who had escaped the dreaded illness.

It is now Turns later and dragonkind is once again firmly established at Morlevan Weyr -- although it is the only Weyr on Pern in this timeline. Pern is currently experiencing an Interval -- one of those times when Turns pass and no Thread is present to rain destruction on the planet and its inhabitants. The plague is behind them and the Dragonriders of Morlevan Weyr look forward to the day when they can fulfill their purpose and fly against the threat of Thread.

Morlevan Weyr's Board of Directors

Weyrwoman Alea, rider of gold Resanth,

Bronzerider K'dan, rider of bronze Saith,

Junior Weyrwoman Kira, rider of gold Somnolenth,

Bluerider K'lysta, rider of blue Kalianth,

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We welcome inquiries.


All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright © Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

Ms. McCaffrey has requested that we not use the names of some of her locales, characters, her prose or tunings. To simplify this, we ask that you use NONE of Ms. McCaffrey's place names in your writings. Also, out of respect to Ms. McCaffrey, please write your own lyrics and poetry if you wish to include them in your posts. Thank you!

Those writings and characters which are not Ms. McCaffrey's, are the property of Morlevan Weyr and may not be copied or used in any way without the express, written consent of the Board of Directors. All characters created for and playing in this storyline are the property of Morlevan Weyr and are protected under US copyright laws.

The present-day Morlevan is based on the original Morlevan Weyr, created in September 1999 by Damacea and L'saaric-players. We thank them for their creativity and dedication to excellence, and wish them well in all their endeavors. For more on the origins of Morlevan, please visit our "Origins" page.

This site was created and is maintained by the BOD of Morlevan Weyr.

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