Useful Information for All Skiers


The day lodge is generally locked unless members are skiing. If you need access to the day lodge, a key can be borrowed for a day with the purchase of a day pass at Country Wide Sports for a returnable deposit of $10. Keys are not available for purchase by non-members.

If you leave the trails and there are no other vehicles in the parking lot, please check that the lodge is LOCKED. 

The MMNSC has a ski rental service for people who do not have skis.

The cost is $10/day for a complete set of skis, poles, and boots. Individual items are $5/day each. The payment is to be included with your day pass payment. The ski rentals are located within the day lodge. The ski library can be viewed by clicking the following link: Ski Library.  It should be noted that not all the items may be available due to season rentals for Jackrabbit skiers.

    Jackrabbit Skiers Only!
    Season Rentals: Set of Skis, Boots and Poles:  $50 + $50 damage deposit.
    Contact your Jackrabbit Leader for more info.

Trail Etiquette

All skiers ski at their own risk. Stay in control. Ski on trails that suit your ability. ÛBe aware that conditions can drastically affect trail difficulty.

õ Dogs in designated areas only.  Yield to downhill traffic.  Cell phones work throughout most of the trail network.

911  h AMBULANCE  &  POLICE p    911