Dog Trail

Dog Policies for Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Trails

How to Have Fun, Safe Skiing with Your Dog


NOTE: “Owner” refers to the person in charge of the dog while at the MMNSC facilities.


1.    Responsibility: Owners are fully responsible for their dogs. Where an incident with a dog takes place, the Owner is responsible.

2.    A maximum of two dogs per skier under full control of their owners.

3.    Dogs must be kept on a leash if they cannot be fully controlled.

4.    Skiers with dogs are expected to remove dog waste from any area and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. Flicking into the bush is acceptable once on the trail.

5.    Owners must ensure that their dogs do not harass the wildlife in any way.

6.    Owners accept the risk that their dogs may be endangered by wildlife.

    Dogs are permitted :

1.  In the parking lot

2.  On Bow Wow and Chow Main

3.  Dogs are allowed along Trespass, from Bow Wow to the first left Moose Meadows and along Moose Meadows to the turn around point, at the upper end of Swamp Dog. 

4. On the snowshoe trails


Dogs are NOT permitted:

1.  In the Day Lodge

2.  In the staging area

3.  In any of the out buildings

4.  In the Alpine Cabin.


Dogs are not allowed on the Alpine Cabin Trail during the ski season!


Access to BowWow: direct from the north side of the Parking Lot, between the woodshed and the Day Lodge.