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The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club was incorporated as a Society in 1987. The club manages ski trails in the Morice Mountain recreation site 8km south of Houston on Buck Flats Road under a management agreement with the BC Recreation Branch.




The trail system has varied terrain with easy, moderate and difficult trails. The club manages approximately 35km of trails containing an extended 5km dog compatible trail loop that covers easy and moderate trails, a 2km length of lit trails (Location of Trail Light switch) for night skiing, a ski playground and adventure trail system for the kids, and a cabin at the 1300m elevation on the east slope of Morice Mountain accessed via a 7.7km trail from our trail system.

UPDATE FALL 2018: The lights have been fixed and will be operating this year!

NEW FOR 2017! 
MOOSE SWAMP TRAIL - SAWDUST END: lovely rolling terrain with sunny openings. May be groomed occasionally. More work needed on the Trespass end - can ski in from Trespass but steep hills and sharp corners make skiing down to Trespass challenging and/or dangerous.
GOLDEN BOW - 1.4 km in to turn around - beautiful rolling trail with good, cold snow, big trees.

TOP DOG - We now have 3 dog trails providing gentle hills and variety for dogs and their folks. Trespass, the center trail of the Dog Trio, is also Dog Friendly to the bottom of the first big hill - or the pretty obvious dip - a couple of curves beyond the Moose Swamp turn off. 

NEW FOR 2018!

GOLDEN BOW BRIDGE, MOOSE SWAMP wider, several trails improved drainage and weed control, and a few other good surprises!


The majority of our trails are groomed by a Bombardier 400 Plus to a minimum width of 17ft with two outside set tracks and one interior skating lane. All trails are two way traffic.




If you don’t have skis, come and use our AMAZING SKI LIBRARY service. The Club has 60 pairs of skis, boots, and poles to fit small kids to the largest adults. The cost is $5 per item, or $10 for the full setup, if not an MMNSC member.  It should be noted that not all the equipment may be available at any one time due to season rentals by Jackrabbit Skiers.   


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