Mor ho! (since 2009)
Welcome to the website of the Slovak elite ultimate OPEN team Mor ho! Mor ho! is based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and competes in EUCS series, where it belongs to EUCR-East (CEL) region.

Mor ho! is devoted to high level of play, personal spirit of the game and achievement of the field. Last but not least, we play to have fun.

A brief history:
2009: creation of the team
2010: Windmill Windup (15/32), WUCC (30/48), CEL (2/12), EUCR (8/12)
2011: EUCQ (2/15), EUCR (3/12), EUCF (20/24)
2012: Frisbix (6/11), EUCQ (2/15), Windmill Windup (26/40), EUCR (7/12)
2013: team restructuring, Rising Pot (7/15), Frisbix (7/10), EUCQ(11/13), Windmill Windup (24/40), EUCR (8/10)

Recent Announcements