Our Congregation

At Morgantown Church of the Brethren/Mennonite we are a people who strive to be

v  A blessed community

v  The hands of Christ in a world broken and in need of healing

v  Bearers of hope

v  A church of compassion and peace

v  A place that everybody can call “home”

We are a small congregation with a large vision and even bigger hearts where you can find thoughtful, loving, and involved people.  Our congregation seeks to explore the spiritual side of our active lives and the active side of our spirituality.  We focus our ministry in five areas: outreach, education, stewardship, hospitality, and worship.
Important to our corporate worship life is sharing the joys and concerns of our lives, scripturally based and culturally relevant preaching, time for silence and personal reflection, and congregational singing.  Worship seeks to blend interactive and traditional styles in order to celebrate the many ways our members connect with God.
Central to our theology are the Brethren/Mennonite values of nonviolence and peacemaking, service to the world our neighbors, learning and growing in faith as a community, and the equality of all members as a "preisthood of all believers."
We have members from many  various denominational and religious traditions.  All parts of our worship are open to everyone, despite your religious background, gender, ethnicity, disability and/or sexual orientation. Please stop by and see us on Sunday. We are happy to welcome you!