Morgantown COB began in 1902.  In 1985, we joined in dual affiliation with the Mennonite Church.  Here is a brief description about the two traditions we share.

The Church of the Brethren began in Germany in 1708, when seven adults gathered for baptism in the Eder River.  Believing in the primacy of the New Testament, Brethren take no creed, but believe the life of faith is to be lived out in the message the life, love, and hope Jesus portrayed.  Brethren strive to live “Peacefully, Simply, Together.’

The Mennonite Church began in Northern Europe in 1525.  Believing Jesus to be the full embodiment of God’s love, sent to bring reconciliation to a broken world, Mennonites world-wide live in service through peacemaking, active witness, and discipleship as expressed in the community’s Confession of Faith

The Church of the Brethren and Mennonites are two of the three historic peace churches (including the Quakers).  Therefore we stress Christ’s command to love our enemies to seek peace and pursue it, and live out God’s reconciling love with our neighbor.  We come from the Anabaptist tradition ("anabaptist" refers to our tradition of adult baptism) which emphasizes

v  The priesthood of all believers

v  Discipleship to Christ

v  Servanthood to the world

v  Communal discernment of the word of God

v  And the ongoing revelation of the Holy Spirit
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