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Morgan's Raid is an educational game that teaches about Indiana's Civil War history. The game is designed for use in the fourth grade classroom. It was produced at Ball State University as a collaboration between the History and Computer Science departments, with additional support from the Provost's Initiative for Immersive Learning and the Honors College.

There is little taught about John Hunt Morgan in Indiana elementary schools. At most there is a paragraph in the fourth grade history books. Morgan's Raid is a significant part of Indiana history as it is the only action Indiana saw throughout the war. We believe that we can help educate students on this topic by creating a video game that depicts Morgan’s actions through southern Indiana. We paid special attention to historical accuracy in order to make the game a credible resource. Teachers can use Morgan's Raid immerse their students and encourage critical analysis of Morgan and his actions.

The Morgan Raid during the American Civil War provides a compelling context for creating a game. The Civil War itself and the politics around it are critically important in understanding American history. As a setting, the Civil War provides ample dramatic opportunity: there are compelling characters, difficult travel, political maneuvering, and moral complexities, all of which can be brought to bear in a game design. Despite the cultural importance and narrative richness of the theme and era, there are a few games in the period, and none on the subject of the raid. This gave us the opportunity to create something both original and valuable.

"A thrilling ride into Indiana's Civil War history. Children experience Morgan's Raid while enjoying an easy-to-play strategy video game with attractive and historically accurate graphics."
Nicole Etcheson, Ph.D.
Alexander M. Bracken Professor of History, Ball State University

"...a great game."
James Ramage, Ph.D.
Regents Professor of History, Northern Kentucky University

"For years there have been complaints that Civil War history, and particularly Indiana's involvement in that war, have been overlooked in our school systems.  Thankfully this game provides the perfect solution.  First, the students will learn of the most significant military event to take place in Indiana during American Civil War,  In addition, this learning experience will be fun, challenging, and tap into the students' fascination with technology."
Richard Skidmore
Co-founder of the Indiana Morgan's Raid Heritage Trail

"This game comes at a time when students are wanting to learn more about history and yet are bored with textbooks. By combining the computer with history, Ball State's organization has enabled the student to quickly become immersed in this historical drama. [...] By playing this game, history comes alive for the student."
Barbara Wuestefeld
Fourth-Grade Teacher, North Dearborn Elementary School