My name is Nick. I am the son of Morganna (Roberts) Cottrell , also known as "The Wild One", "Baseball's Kissing Bandit", "The Kissing Bandit", and other nom de guerre.
  Though it is not widely known that I exist, certainly I DO. It's not a "secret", though nearly everyone, apparently, are under-informed, misinformed, or some such thing. When I was a young child, my mother would even mention me in newspaper interviews, etc. When she came out of retirement the first time, circa 1978, it seems that I somehow "disappeared" to the general public. That would not be a problem, however many "writers", "reporters", bloggers, etc., have gone so far as to state, "She has no children." THAT is a problem! Guess you didn't know what you were talking about, eh? Way to research! *cough*
   The first photo is of me on Christmas eve, 7th grade. With Mom and my Grandmother (Father's mother), Margaret (nee Roberts) Haynes. Of course, that was years after mom's divorce from Howard Roberts. His family always stayed in contact. I had just played Scrooge in the school play. In Norfolk, VA. I was immediately placed on an airplane to begin a new chapter of life, that very night. I went to sleep in a new home/family (again) in Atlanta, GA. I arrived with a full-tailed tuxedo, top hat, and Charlie McCarthy puppet. High class Spartan. (You can't imagine what came immediately before and immediately after.)

The second photo, Mom & Bill Cottrell visited me at my home in Baltimore. Circa 1986. That was the look of a stylish Martial Arts expert at that time. haha! Martial Arts hadn't really become "popular" yet, at all. I had my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, working on my Black Belt in Chinese Kung Fu at that time. Nice hair-do, eh? Now I think I looked like a reject from the 1970's porn industry.

The next 3 photos are mom and Bill visiting me in Baltimore in 2000, for a couple days. Much better hair-style for me, I think! And don't worry! We are not choking my dear rescued kitty, Shunyata. We are just petting her and holding her up together to be in the photo with us.

Next, my WEDDING! 2007. Baltimore. (L to R) Bill Cottrell (my step-father), my wife (Chen-yi), me (no more hair at all!), Mom (yes, Morganna [Roberts] Cottrell!), Howard Roberts (hence the "Roberts'), and my step-mother, Janis Roberts.   Right before I moved to Asia, where I have lived the past 10 years.

Last but not least, we'll end at the beginning.... Mom (Morganna [Ruby DelMar, at that time]), Dad (Howard Roberts), and that tiny few-months-old baby would be yours truly, Nick.

Are we starting to see a pattern here?!?  I EXIST! What do you know?! (Time to start revising that Wikipedia page, pal!)
 There you have it! Time to re-write the re-written history! So, to all the "writers", "reporters", et al, who merely plagiarized others' plagiarized misinformation... Shame! Shame! Shame!

This is just the tip of the iceberg....just a TASTE. Just a variety of shots over my life to demonstrate that, yes, Morganna DOES have a son. ME, in fact.
Of course, there are many more photos for the intervening years, this is just a sample. At the moment, only to refute the ignorance and lies of the aforementioned "reporters", et al.
  And perhaps in the future to blast other Morganna myths asunder. There are many, and I am about ready to set the stories straight. I am the ONLY one who can do that in truth and accuracy.
Serious inquiries can contact me at: MORGANNASSONNICKZ@yahoo.com
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