Graceful Menopause

Private Sessions, Custom Classes
Treat yourself to a rich yoga practice designed for mid-life women moving through the mysteries of menopause.

Whether you are peri-menopausal just beginning your transition, fully menopausal or easing into life after fertility, you will be invigorated by this deeply feminine practice.

Definitely, there is vitality, beauty, flexibility and joy after menopause—we've got the laugh lines and smooth moves to prove it!

Clothes by HLGarrick; photo by Patricia Ridenour
Opening Circle will encourage humor and frank talk about your physical, emotional and psychological changes in menopause.

Breathing and Meditation will cool and calm your body and mind.

Asana Practice will tone muscles, organs and bones that may lose strength and flexibility as estrogen wanes. Core work stabilizes pelvic joints and muscles for balance and grace in movement.

Restoration and Relaxation will reset your energy and outlook.