Private yoga instruction is a great way to personalize and develop a home practice. Reserve a weekly time for solo coaching; try a few privates to get familiar before starting group practices; or book one session to work on specific issues. Restorative work is most effective in private or small groups and especially sweet for friends and families relaxing together.
Learn how to move and breathe more slowly.
Listen and respond to signs of stress in your body.
Learn to enjoy being present, still and quiet.
Relax and restore your health and energy.

All Levels:
Learn basic skills and English/Sanskrit terminology.
Learn safe alignment principles in all movement.
Learn sequences for your own home practice.
Integrate breathing, philosophy and meditation.

Special Needs:
Learn modifications for poses specific to you.
Learn how to use props for safety and depth.

Teacher Training:
Improve vocal tone, verbal content and clarity.
Develop natural, effective sequencing skills.
Practice teaching, with professional critique and notes.
(YA Continuing Education Units: 2 contact hours)

$75.00 per 1 hour
$95.00 per 1.5 hour

Morgan adjusts Lara's shoulder for comfort in Side-lying Relaxation.
Morgan adjusts Lesley's Warrior Two wingspan.