"So grateful I met you, Morgan. You are an extraordinary teacher...I have had many! Thank you for helping me prepare for HAWAII RETREAT. I look forward to being in your classes in 2016!" —Cynthia Novak

"Morgan offers an upbeat, rich experiential blend of mind and body with a spiritual dimension, like the best of a Sunday worship. She shares her wealth of experience in yoga and life through a combination of action and rest; she is attentive to individuals and to the level of challenge each of our bodies can achieve in the moment. Kudos to her; she is a gifted teacher." —Paul Stocklin

"The more I attend classes with Morgan, the more I appreciate her skills, sincerity, and sprinkling of humor. Narrative instructions are clear and corrections are helpful & non-critical. Her experience in yoga & dance, coupled with natural ability to relate to people, are valued by all. She's golden!" —John Guza

"Morgan has been doing AWESOME shoulder awareness basics. I feel like I am beginning to feel and be conscious of my shoulders for the first time." —Lucy Vaughters

"I am a former dancer and yogi but my practice was on hold. Working as a visual artist, I was out of shape and nervous about moving gracefully again. From the first class I felt welcomed by everyone. Morgan is a warm and energetic person who provides positive reinforcement in her teaching. There is no competition or judgment in class. Morgan clarifies which muscle groups are engaged in each posture, explaining variations so students of all levels can enjoy a shared but personal practice. Mentally, my yoga practice reinforces a more positive attitude in handling whatever life throws at me. After only a few months back in class, my muscles are stronger and more toned so I wear my clothes better. I am more centered and grounded in my body rather than lugging it around." —Marilyn McGuire

"I had been practicing yoga for about ten years when I first walked into Morgan's class. It was a difficult time, when all my energies were spent caring for my sick husband and the usual "mom" stuff of three kids. I knew it was critical for me to take care of myself. Easier said than done. My heart heavy with guilt and mixed emotions, I walked into Morgan's class hoping to begin my yoga practice once again. Well, it was like a miracle. At a time when the slightest negative experience would have convinced me not to come back, I was literally sucked in by a big smile, a warm heart, a caring and humorous demeanor, all under the cloak of a truly knowledgable and gifted teacher. Morgan is building a wonderful yoga community that I am so very thankful to be a part of! Everyone in her classes is such a joy!" —Lisa Berkman

"Before motherhood and a rewarding career in social work, I was a practitioner and teacher of Iyengar yoga. Iyengar technique is rigorous and precise, demanding remarkable body/mind awareness and strength. I loved it, but a series of major life events led me down a different path. Without the structure of regular classes, my practice fell by the wayside. Fast forward to 2008: with the stress of a teenager at home, budget cuts at work, and a few extra pounds, I wanted, needed yoga back in my life. My first class with Morgan, I had tears in my eyes at the end of class: here was a mature, knowledgeable teacher with compassion and humor. Her broader (read: not all Iyengar) background offered me opportunities to practice in new ways while respecting the alignment foundations of my own early training. Morgan's skillful use of imagery made me feel like I was home again. In the last two years, I have regained a sense of safety, freedom, and trust in myself. Her insights and instruction are now interwoven with those of my previous teachers. My yoga practice is alive again, and growing! With deep gratitude," —Cynthia Robson

"What I love most about Morgan's teaching style is her gorgeous use of imagery, knowledge of the human body, and connection with all of her students. She has the amazing ability to offer adaptations for every person in her class depending on skill level. She cares for each student and takes time to correct and explain each posture with kindness, patience, and humor. Her words helped me commit to each posture on a deeper level and I could feel myself begin to change. I became more aware of my body and my breath; I felt more confident, open, and calm. I loved it so much, I convinced my husband to go with me. After a few weeks, he too started to feel more relaxed and grounded, and Morgan's class became our regular date night. She inspired me to reach for a brighter way of living. A year and half later, I'm now a certified yoga teacher. I feel more connected with others and the environment, but most importantly more connected with myself. Thank you, Morgan!" —Tina Stanton

"Morgan's approach to guiding her yoga classes is a gentle and safe journey. Her graceful, dance-like fusion of yoga poses, along with her ever-present smile, makes her class a calming, albeit invigorating experience. She focuses on core strength, balance and breathing. And if you get the chance to do the yoga-laugh with Morgan, giggling will take on a whole new meaning." —Barbara Travers

"I want you to know how much you've shaped the goodness in my heart and created a safe place within which I could push my perceived limits and find my true edge. Practice with you guides me to be present while doing my best to act, think and speak with patience, tolerance and love every day. I am grateful for the gifts you share through yoga. You are a blessing to me." —Nicole Reed