May 2019

MAY GROUP PRACTICE by invitation or referral, renews monthly, reserved in advance. See CONTACT page.

May 2-26

4 Sundays  10-11:30 am YANG

3 Mondays  6-7:30 pm YIN
4 Thursdays  6-7:30 pm CORE
     (YIN on last Thursday 4/25)

Closed May 27-31:
Monday 5/27 cancelled
Thursday 5/30 cancelled

$20 single drop-in
$60 for 4 classes per session
($15 additional class after 4)
$35 workshop

Intensive restorative practice allows more time and depth in supported postures designed for physical, emotional, mental and energetic release. This workshop will include extended reclining relaxation (savasana) with guided imagery easing the body and mind into silence.

Pop-up Fridays | 6-7pm | $20
Meditation, movement, savasana, wine.
Our spectacular tulips are wide open but May brings peonies, my personal favorite. They’re still buds but we’ll be ready when those party dresses bloom heavy on their too slender stems. Also in May: Mother’s Day Sunday and Memorial Day Monday. We will have class on Mother’s Day as usual (Sunday, May 12th), honoring every version of the Mother near and far. We will close on Memorial Day and the rest of that week, so no class on Monday the 27th and Thursday the 30th (fifth Thursday in May). In April we enjoyed some standing and balancing flows outside when the air and light were right. Let’s do more of those!

ASANA (posture) practice teaches safe alignment, core and breath awareness, mental concentration 
and healthy movement. Some practices use Pilates mat and ballet barre technique for deep work in the core, legs and hips. All practices open with short seated meditation and close with final relaxation (savasana).

YANG Flow: In the Vinyasa style, slow flow sequences evolve from Sun & Moon Salutation variations, linking breath to movement. Continuous movement develops grace, balance, strength and flexibility. Core mat work tones abs, legs and hips.
YIN Flow: Slow sequenced stretches tone connective tissue around muscles and joints. Easy movement relieves muscle and mental tension.
CORE Flow: Focus on movement skills, balance, and postural alignment with more technical instruction in specific moves and poses. Challenging core workout.

RESTORATIVE: Gentle reclining postures use support props, gravity, extended holds and hands-on adjustments to restore balance and relaxation. 
YIN STRETCH: Sustained stretches, quiet attention and patience target flexibility, structural alignment, monkey mind.
HIPS & HAMSTRINGS: Lower body strength and stretch workout: more depth in lunges and squats (yang); in standing, seated, and supine forward folds (yin).  
SUN SALUTATIONS: Technical instruction in the forms and sequences of surya namaskara will promote safety, skill, and grace in strong continuous movement.
SAVASANA: Minimal gentle movement and guided mind/body mapping precede this extended reclining relaxation, aimed to calm and tone the nervous system. 

MEDITATION /Study Circle includes meditation, readings and discussion at rotating locations. Call to confirm place, time and date. See STUDY tab here for source and study material on Patanjali Sutras. See University of Human Unity/Savitri for sources on Sri Aurobindo's epic mantra SAVITRI, and online courses on the science and philosophy of Integral Yoga.