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Welcome to our homepage. 

We are "The Morgans" - Cherylyn and Jeff (Fred J) and we are happy you stopped by.

We are Anabaptist.  (NOT = ANTI-Baptist) We are converts from the Baptist faith which itself came out of the Anabaptist. This is the faith of many including the Amish, Mennonite, Bretheren, Charity, and the Hutterites. There are many non-denominational churches which practice this belief.

We came to this lifestyle in the late 1990's. For the past twenty years we aquired higher education, had and raised children, and worked hard at moving ahead. We found out the hard way that what we were doing - just about everything, was wrong.  We believed in Family First which was - Work hard to make money so the family can have a better life style. A better lifestyle was based on what society said it was - larger house, better car, newest clothes, the appearance of style, success and happiness.  The FACT is: the harder we tried the less "Family" we had. We were living for world values. We did not have time for each other, the children or God.  We all argued constantly. This was not a successful lifestyle. In fact, the lifestyle we lived led to Divorce.

 In 1998 two things happened. First, we had a serious car accident while taking our son Kevin to Georgia. This left us together in the same hospital room for days, giving us a chance to talk. Also many people who I believed were important, did not even call or look for me. This left me believing that maybe I was looking for something in the wrong places. Second, upon returning to Blountstown, Florida for further recovery, my ex-wife and I were challenged to actually read the Bible about DIVORCE and not take a 'Preachers' word on the context. It was at this point that we saw we were in Sin. We remarried soon afterward and started living according to the Bible.

We now live a life for God, our faith and strength comes from Jesus, and we are assured of our salvation. We live a much simpler life style. One which finds us in a deeper love with Christ and each other. No more fighting and arguing, we live in peace with all. Our friends are brothers and sisters in Christ and our relationship with our family has completly changed. We live in accordance to the headship Christ gave us in 1 Corinthians 11. I found that when you love your wife as Jesus loved the Church, then the proper roles of marriage can be taken by both without contempt.

We no longer live for WORLD VALUES; we live in the world, but not part of the world. Storing up worldly possession may make you more influential in the world, but it will not make your live happier. String up treasure in heaven, actually makes life here in this life much better. This is our discovered FACT.

We are still not experts on the Bible, however will be more than happy to discuss any topic with you or simply ejoy a fellowship with Christ. Please Write use at the Email Addresses provided. 

If you wish to discuss the Bible, Jesus or any religious or philosophical subject like Evolution vs Creationism, or maybe there are science/physics problems which may be keeping you from Christ like Starlight and Time.

Please E-mail.... I love a livly debate.


If you are Islamic, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, we know that TRUE STUDY of your FAITH is PROHIBITED. We are not trained in Apologetics.  Please contact either of us.  If you TRULY BELIEVE that your GOD is the GOD, or that you know a true Prophet of God or believe we are in Sin, PLEASE e-mail us and convince us.... If you truly believe that we are wrong isn't it your duty?  E-mail us and enter into a two way discussion. I assure you the conversation will be with love and compassion, I will not attack any religion, however I will gladly debate any topic. 


We welcome all. 

God Bless!     Cherylyn and Fred (Jeff) Morgan




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