Working Papers

A Cross-verified Database of Notable People, 3500BC-2018AD, with P. Bhargava,  JB.  Eyméoud,  O.  Gergaud,  G.  Plique,  E.  Wasmer,  CEPR  discussion  paper n°15582, March 2021

’Can’t get enough’: Prejudice, Contact-jobs and the black-white wage gap in the US. IZA DP n°8006, February 2014
The wage gap between African-Americans and whites is substantial in the US and has slightly narrowed over the past 30 years. There is reason to believe that discrimination driven by prejudice plays a part in explaining this residual wage gap. Whereas racial prejudice has substantially declined over the past 30 years, the wage differential has slightly converged overtime. This ‘prejudice puzzle’ raises other reasons in explaining the absence of strong convergence of this racial gap. In this paper, I assess the impact which of the boom of jobs in contact with customers has on blacks'earnings. I develop a search-matching model to predict the negative impact which of the share of these contact jobs has on blacks’ earnings in the presence of customer discrimination. Using the US Census, the General Social Survey and the Occupation Information Network, I find that black men’s relative earnings are lower in areas where shares of prejudiced individuals and of contact-jobs are high. I also estimate that the decreased exposure to racial prejudice is associated with a higher convergence of the residual earnings gap, whereas the expansion of contact-jobs partly explains its persistence.

Work in Progress

Border Apprehensions, Salience of Hispanic Identity and Sentences in theUS Federal Criminal Justice System, with S. Bertoli and J. Valette

Ethnic Networks and the Spatial Mismatch: Evidence from Public Housing, with G. Verdugo