Morgan County, WV Food & Farming
Updated Jan 31, 2013, 7:20 AM
Local farming and food
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Morgan County, WV Farm Facts

Restaurants Serving Local Food

Leadership & Communication

M&R Campaigns that Work:  Building and managing successful coalitions.
Free-Range Thinking:  Robust leadership library.

Institute for Conservation Leadership: Strengthening leaders, organizations, and networks.

Capaciteria:  Serving up peer-related nonprofit capacity 24/7.

Board Café:  Ideas, information, opinions, and news for board members.

Communications Leadership Institute:  Strategies for mobilizing concerned citizens.

Spitfire Strategies:  Free online smart chart – communications strategy tool for nonprofits. 

NPower: Providing high-quality, affordable, technological solutions to nonprofits.

Foundation Center:  Leader in organized philanthropy, connecting nonprofits, and grant seekers.

Board Source:  Tools, best practices, training, leadership development for board members.
Compasspoint:  Management and leadership development