Farm Business Tools

Ag Plan
Helps rural business owners develop a business plan for FREE.

USDA Food Environment Atlas

Horticultural Budgets (Univ. of Nebraska:
The “Whole Firm” approach was used to create these enterprise budgets.

I-Farm Tools:
Whole farm model and decision tool for livestock, manure calculations, and more.

Food Alliance Farmer Self Assessment:
Free self assessment tool.  Covers soil and water conservation, integrated pest management, safe fair working conditions.

The Organic Food Database:
Organic food products, farms, restaurants, stores, community supported agriculture (CSA), and ethical directory.

Earth Trends Agriculture and Food (World Resources Institute) Database:
Agriculture inputs (fertilizers, harvesters, pesticides, water use), production (food production, total production per capita, cereals, etc., food aid, and land.

Local Harvest:
Online stores, farms, CSAs, farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

Extension:  Find a Meat Processor:  State listings, local harvest niche meat processor directory, how to list meat processing business, how to search for meat processors near you.
AgMap! Pennsylvania:
Over 3,200 Pennsylvania agriculture businesses listed.  Free tool for producers and consumers to market their business.  Promote business, advertise, find it, stay current and ability to discuss with producers and consumers.
Maryland Rural Enterprise  Development Center
Robust information for new and beginning farmers, and dream-plan-implement.

Farm Subsidy Database:
State, congressional district, and county data (by state and zip code).  Browse national summary information.  Searchable by commodity programs, conservation programs, and disaster programs.

Virginia Farm Link Database:
Online database designed to link farm owners interested in exiting agriculture with those seeking farms and farm

FDA Carver Shock AG Data :
2008 Farm Bill